Crafter Personality Type: Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, And Perceiving (ISTP)

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The crafter personality is identified as introverted, sensing, thinking, and perceiving according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). According to psychology, ISTP or crafter type of personality is rare. ISTP personalities are known to be crafters because they love taking on new experiences, they have creative hands-on activities, and they like to enjoy freedom especially when they are working on a project. Can you think of a personality belonging to Crafter or ISTP? If yes, comment down in the below section.

Do you know that a crafter personality is rare and few of your favorite celebrities belong to this personality? Tom Cruise, Bruce Lee, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and Scarlett Johansson are some of our favorite personalities identified as ISTP personalities according to the MBTI test.

Do you relate yourself or your loved one with an introverted, sensing, thinking, and perceiving (ISTP) personality? Read this blog to know more about ISTP or crafter personality type.

What Is ISTP Personality?

ISTP or crafter personality is a work-enjoying kind of personality. Such people like to take things up objectively so that they can make decisions based on their judgments. This type of personality is more rational and logical as they are more interested in applying practical skills over abstracting ideas. They like doing new things which makes the monotonous routines boring for them.

The Making of ISTP Personality

Introversion: ISTP personality is an introverted, calm, quiet, and reserved type of personality as compared to other type of personalities.

Sensing: ISTP or crafter personality is detail-oriented, practical, and stoic. They know how to perfectly make use of their skills and abilities.

Thinking: ISTP personality makes logical questioning, uses facts to find solutions to their problems, and then makes decisions which makes them practical thinkers.

Perceiving: ISTPs are creative, flexible, stoic, and sensible which helps them improvise in specific situations.

Fact-Check: ISTP Personality

Crafter personality is a rare type of personality with only 4% to 6% of the total population.
Crafter or ISTP personality is more common in males (6% to 9%) over females (2% to 3%).
Variations of the ISTP test are ISTP assertive identity (ISTP-A) and ISTP turbulent identity (ISTP-T).
ISTP-A personalities are self-confident personalities having faith in their abilities and knowledge and meanwhile, ITSP-T personalities often struggle with self-doubt.
Career path options for ISTP: Computer programmer, engineer, forensic reporter, scientist, pilot, and technical worker.

Characteristics of ISTP Personality

Below listed are some of the characteristics of ISTP personality:

Cold, insensitive, or unfeeling
Easy-going attitude toward everyone
Emotionally detached
Helpful and understanding
Objectively judgmental
Open to new experiences
Risk-taking behaviors
Stoic and silent

Signs You’re An ISTP Personality

Below listed are some of the important signs that show you might be a crafter or ISTP personality:

Bored and irritated
Strong imagination and pragmatic power
Positive thinking
Action or goal-oriented
Secretive personality
Intelligent and secretive
Solitary and reserved

Strengths and Weaknesses of Crafter Personality

Strengths of ISTP
Weakness of ISTP

●      Realistic
●      Rare type of personality which makes them difficult to understand by everyone

●      Experience-gainer
●      Insensitive

●      Goal and action-oriented
●      Gets bored easily of monotonous routines and schedules

●      Practical, rational, and logical
●      Risk-taking behaviors

●      Enjoys new experiences
●      Faces difficulty while committing

●      Self-confident
●      Self-doubt

●      Easy going attitude
●      Reserved

ISTP In Different Areas of Life

1. Relationship

ISTP personality is kind of an introverted personality that is reserved, logical, and level-headed. They like doing new things and get easily bored of monotonous routines. Similarly, when it comes to their relationship patterns they like being independent.

They often struggle to make commitments, therefore, the other partner might have to put in extra effort to get the best out of them. Additionally, they don’t also show their emotions easily. Enjoying new things, adventures, and activities keeps them excited and interested.

2. Career

ISTPs are introverted and sensitive; therefore, they would require jobs that fulfill independence and autonomy. Additionally, crafter personalities like practical, logical, and real-world applications so accordingly forensic science, engineering, law enforcement, photography, pilot, and scientist jobs might fit them.

3. Friendship

ISTPs are curious and adventurous but at the same time, they are sensitive, face challenges while committing, and unable to express emotions. They can be great friends, however, to hold them or keep them interested; you might have to do new things. Additionally, if you’re friends with ISTP personalities, you must understand their quiet or calm eras.

4. Parenting

If you’re parenting a child with a crafter personality, understand their freedom and adventurous needs. You must prepare them for ISTP-A personality instead of ISTP-T personality. Give your child new experiences, learning, and activities so that they can boost their self-confidence levels.

I hope this blog helps you understand ISTP personality in psychology. Do not forget to share this blog with the people who strike your mind when you think of the crafter personality type.

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