All the Dangers a Bicyclist Has to Tackle on a Daily Basis

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Bicycles are a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation. They’re easy to maintain and give a great cardio workout every time you use them. But sadly, these are also the vehicles with the least protection for riders. As a result, most bicycle accidents involving motor vehicle crashes result in severe injuries or death.

If you’re ever involved in a bicycle accident, contact a lawyer to help you file a bicycle accident lawsuit and navigate the complex legal processes.

So, what potential dangers can you face daily as a bicycle owner? The following write-up highlights some scenarios in which cycling accidents can occur and how to avoid them.

Potential Danger for Bicycle Riders

Let’s examine the potential risks associated with bicycle riding.

Risks of Sharing the Road

A cyclist’s nightmare is being hit by a fast-moving vehicle. Negligent drivers and cyclists have contributed to the increasing number of accidents. The following are some negligent scenarios affecting bicycle users: 

Speeding drivers: Speeding increases the chances of head-on collisions. Also, your balance can be affected if a vehicle speeds past you.

Sudden lane changes: Some drivers can change lanes abruptly, pushing you off the road or leading to a collision.

Tailgating situations: Certain motorists can drive too close to cyclists, risking their lives. You’re also at risk if you tailgate, as a driver can suddenly stop, causing you to bump into the rear end of a vehicle forcefully.

Intersection Collisions 

Road intersections accounted for a major number of accidents. This highlights the great risk associated with these areas and why cyclists should watch out for them.

Most intersection collisions result from: 

Disobeying traffic: Most bicycle users ignore the intersection’s traffic lights. 

Negligent drivers: Some motorists ignore cyclists when turning at an intersection, forcing bicycle riders to swerve, thus causing falls.

Stubborn Pedestrians

Like negligent drivers, most pedestrians don’t yield to cyclists. Pedestrians may not give way or cross even when a cyclist approaches, forcing you to slam the brakes or swerve to avoid hitting them.

Poor Weather Conditions

Visibility can be an issue during windy or rainy seasons. Strong winds or wet conditions can result in falls or slips. Since visibility also affects other motorists, worst-case scenarios can lead to gruesome accidents.

Therefore, always drive at low speeds in extreme weather conditions and wear protective and reflective gear.

Bad Roads

A speeding bicycle is prone to getting damaged after hitting a pothole. Unfortunately, you might not notice potholes from a distance. The situation can get worse if there are cyclists or vehicles following closely.

Additionally, roads under construction or repair pose an accident risk. This is especially true when protective measures like yellow tape are not in place. Watch out for road construction signs, and slow down on unfamiliar roads. 

Accidents During Outdoor Activities 

Imagine getting a flat tire while riding down rocky hills. This can lead to severe injuries like bone fractures and cause damage to the bike. Stay alert on rocky terrain and watch for objects lying on the roads when riding on open ground.

How to Avoid Bicycle Accidents 

You can avoid bicycle accidents by following the tips below: 

Strictly cycle in the bike lane and avoid unnecessary speeding

Adhere to traffic lights and rules around intersections

Slow down when sharing a path with pedestrians

Keep your distance from other motorists


As mentioned, cyclists have to tackle numerous dangers on the road. The article highlighted some of the risky situations cyclists face daily.

Remember to follow the listed preventive measures to help you avoid accidents and injuries. If you’re a victim, contact a lawyer to help you file a lawsuit.

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