New Year Powder Power

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The festive season can really take its toll. Over-indulging, a few too many tipples, late nights and broken sleep can leave us feeling run down, tired and sluggish. Fortunately, Wassen has five fabulous Drinkables to restore and revive you as we head into 2024.

For skin health – Drink your way to hydrated, radiant, and clearer-looking skin, thanks to all the fabulous benefits of Vollagen® (vegan collagen), with Wassen Beauty + Collagen. 

Boosted with 1000mg of highly researched Vollagen®, plus premium botanicals including Green Tea and Bamboo Extract, plus 11 vitamins and minerals, Wassen Beauty + Collagen is packed with goodness for hair, skin and nails., A NEW addition to the Wassen Drinkables range, this delicious blend of easy-to-absorb vitamins and minerals is the perfect complement to your skincare routine. 

For gut health – If the season’s eating has taken its toll on your tummy, try Wassen Digest + Balance. Formulated with digestive health in mind, this NEW addition to their popular drinkables range comes in a convenient powder sachet format that can be added to tap water.

This refreshing lemon and ginger drink contains digestive enzymes from DigeZyme®, plus calcium, to help keep the digestive system functioning as it should. Boosted with 3 probiotic strains, LactoSpore® (Bacillus coagulans), Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum, as well as fibre from FOS, this formula offers targeted support for daily digestive health.  

For hydration – Christmas parties may be fun, but the impact of dehydration isn’t. With its tangy green apple flavour, Wassen Hydrate + Replenish, has been formulated with spirulina and green tea extract, and contains 100% of your regular daily intake of vitamin D. It helps to support immune health through a combination of selenium and Vitamin C, electrolyte balance from magnesium and metabolism from zinc and chromium. 

For fatigue – Festive recovery is here –  simply shake, stir and boost your water with Wassen Energy + Cognition, formulated with cinnamon, green tea extract and maca extract. With its blood orange flavour, it helps reduce tiredness and fatigue thanks to magnesium, supports cognitive function with zinc and iodine and blood sugar level control from chromium.

For sleep – Bring on the zzzzzs!Get sleep back on track with Wassen Relax + Unwind, the perfect complement to your relaxing bedtime routine. With a black cherry flavour and a hint of chamomile, it helps to support the nervous system with iodine and copper, psychological function from magnesium and provide optimal relaxation with lemon balm.

Each of the three powders can be taken in isolation or in combination for enhanced nutritional support.

The new Wassen Drinkables range is available online at, prices range from £11.99 – £17.99, for 14 x 5.5g sachets.

Visit for more information.

Food supplements should not be used a substitute for a balanced diet or healthy lifestyle.

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