Preethi Nair Rejects Major Publisher to Self-Publish Highly Anticipated Book

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Award-winning author Preethi Nair announces the release of her fourth novel, Unravelling, a poignant exploration of love, choices, and the complexities of seemingly perfect lives. In a bold move, Nair has turned down a book deal from HarperCollins, opting instead to self-publish her latest work, further solidifying her reputation as a fiercely independent and innovative voice in contemporary literature.

Unravelling delves into the life of Bhanu, a woman who appears to have it all: a loving husband, wonderful children, and a beautiful home. As she prepares to celebrate her 40th wedding anniversary, her world is thrown into turmoil when her first love, Deep, re-enters her life with a heart-stopping proposition: to leave everything behind and start anew with him.

Through Unravelling, Nair explores themes of identity, sacrifice, and the enduring question of “what if?” that haunts every choice we make. “I wanted to explore the gap between a curated life that we present to the world in order to be accepted and what is really going on,” said Nair. 

She added “Bhanu’s story is a universal one of love, regret, and the search for true happiness. Turning down HarperCollins was a difficult decision, but I felt strongly about maintaining creative control over this deeply personal narrative. It was also important for me to show that it’s never too late to begin again and at any point along the journey you can walk into a new narrative.”

Preethi first captured readers’ hearts with her debut novel, Gypsy Masala, which she self-published and landed in the book charts by inventing an alter-ego publicist, Pru. Pru was shortlisted as Publicist of the Year for the PPC awards and Nair went on to sign a three-book deal with HarperCollins.

Unravelling is based on a sell-out one-woman show that Nair wrote, performed, and produced in the West End, having never acted before. It was optioned for television.

Preethi is an inspirational speaker, speaking on the power of just beginning, and is a visiting professor at various business schools teaching creativity for personal leadership.

Unravelling will be available in all good book shops and online retailers from 27 September, 2024, priced £10.99 and is available to preorder via Amazon here.

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