Spice Up Barbeque Season with Plant-Based Seekh Kebabs from Shicken

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SUMMER barbecues are the best, but for those avoiding meat, options on the grill can be pretty limited – but look no further because these deliciously authentic NEW Seekh Kebabs from SHICKEN are guaranteed to get your taste-buds sizzling – whether you’re vegan or not!

Succulent and tender, the team of chefs at SHICKEN, have expertly crafted the ultimate lamb alternative from 14-allergen-free pea protein and a traditional marinade.

Founded by husband-and-wife duo, Parm and Satvinder Bains, SHICKEN is a family-owned authentic Indian start-up, gaining a foodie following for its restaurant-quality plant-based ready-meals, recently scooping a Great Taste Award for its Tikka Kebab Skewers.

Based on a family recipe, the NEW SHICKEN Seekh Kebab Skewer cooks to perfection on a barbecue and grills beautifully in an air fryer. 

Picture succulent, tender morsels infused with ginger, garlic, green chili peppers, powdered chili, and garam masala. A dash of lemon juice, a sprinkle of coriander, and a hint of mint leaves complete the ensemble. Enjoy on the summer grill, or all year round, paired with a fresh home-baked naan, a refreshing raita, and a dash of green chutney.

Head chef and Co-Founder, Satvinder, said: “Our inspiration for the SHICKEN Seekh Kebab comes from the Indian mixed grill. The Seekh Kebab is traditionally served as a lamb dish at Indian restaurants and weddings, but we wanted to create a plant-based alternative that doesn’t sacrifice the authentic taste, texture, and enjoyment of true Indian cuisine. 

SHICKEN Seekh Kebabs pair perfectly with our Tikka Kebabs to create a delicious plant-based mixed grill that everyone can enjoy – whether you’re vegan or otherwise –making a positive impact on the environment and animal welfare.”

SHICKEN uses only the finest ingredients, with no artificial ingredients, additives, or colours and all dishes are packed with recyclable packaging.

SHICKEN Seekh Kebab Skewers are available direct from SHICKEN at shickenfoods.com 

Price – £4.00 for 240g

Nutritionals per 100g

Energy KJ – 721

Energy Kcal – 173

Fat – 9.23g

Saturated Fat – 0.75g

Carbohydrate – 9.1g

Sugars – 0.33g

Fibre – 2.8g

Protein – 14.73g

Salt – 2.2g

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