Tips To Further Your Studies In Nursing While Working

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Nursing is an extremely rewarding career path to take, and many think it’s just a one-way career with no option to diversify. But this isn’t true. Qualified nurses can study further in nursing to establish themselves more in their careers. This opens the doors to several other aspects of the nursing world, which we’ll cover below. It also provides some tips to help you manage studying further and working at the same time. 

What Nursing qualifications can you study further?

Nursing qualifications don’t stop at a bachelor’s degree. Like other subjects, they offer extensive degrees that explore different fields within the nursing realm of studies. Here are a few qualifications you can pursue to study further in nursing:

Graduate Certificate in Nursing

Masters of Nursing

PhD in Nursing

Post-Masters Certificate in Nursing

Is it worth it to study further?

This is a question only you’d be able to answer.  In regards to qualifications and development as a nurse, further study is always suggested and worth it. When you study further, you improve upon the knowledge you’ve already gained, giving you more insights into methods and techniques that can make you a better nurse and more distinguished in your career. Not to mention, the more qualified you are, the more appealing your credentials are to employers. 

Tips To Further Your Studies In Nursing While Working

So you want to study further, but you have a nursing job to do at the same time. Don’t stress; many have been in the same position as you and made it through alive. Here are some tips to juggle your nursing job and studies at the same time:

Work towards goals

Like with anything, try to always work towards a goal. For your qualification, set short-term and long-term goals and methods of how you will achieve them. This is just a way of helping you stay focused and keep your mind on the right track as you study. These goals don’t have to be huge; they can be something as simple as dedicating an hour a day or more to your studies or reaching a certain page in your textbook by a certain date. However you set them, they just need to proactively help you move towards doing your studies well. 

Set Good Boundaries

This links into the goal-setting section above. You need to set good boundaries between work, studies, and your social life. All three of these aspects of life are important, but not all of them require the same importance placed on them. 

For instance, work pays for your studies and social life, so the other two priorities shouldn’t infringe on your work at all. Studies are temporary and will eventually benefit your work and social life, so you need to set aside ample time outside of work to do them. Lastly, whatever time you have left, you can use it for socialising or doing your own thing. 

Get Organised

Messiness and clutter bring distraction. That’s why many people will tell you that you need to get your study area organised and keep it that way to optimise your ability to study well. Set aside an area that’s designated for studying and make sure it is well organised so you can just sit down and get on with the task at hand – studying. 

Get a Mentor

Now, we move more into blending work and studies. Having a mentor at work can make life much easier. In many cases, how things are applied in our resources and real life are different. Having a mentor can help show you the difference and teach you applications for the principles and procedures you’re learning. Not to mention, they’ll also be a great help if you’re stuck on a topic.

Use all resources at your disposal

Not using all the resources at your disposal is like trying to win a race without changing gears. To get a full understanding of the topics you’re dealing with, use everything you can. The institute didn’t give you additional material for no reason. It’s intended to benefit those who are taking the course. 

Practice while on the job

Finally, those of you who are working while studying have an amazing opportunity to use the knowledge you’re learning and apply it practically while working. For many of us, we’re visual learners, meaning that we need to see how something works to fully understand it. Practising on the job will give you this opportunity. 

Final Thoughts

Studying further will pay off for those who do it. Doing so while working can be challenging but not impossible. Follow the tips above and create some of your own to work and study effectively. 

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