12 Best Psychology-Themed Gifts For Everyone

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When it comes to gifting, the thought behind selecting the gift counts! If you want to give someone a psychology-themed gift, know that it’s important to understand the actual meaning behind that particular gift. While you present someone with a psychology-themed gift, make sure the thought counts!

Books and magazines make out one of the common psychology-themed gifts, however, do you know there are other fun and educational psychology-themed gift ideas for your loved ones? If you’re confused, worry not, we have got your back! In this blog, we have listed the 12 best psychology-themed gift ideas for everyone.

The gift ideas listed in this blog can be gifted to a mental health survivor, fighter, enthusiast, and everyone! So, let’s get started…

12 Best Psychology-Themed Gift Ideas for Everyone

1. Self-Help Books

Books or magazines are one of the most gifted items to mental health survivors, psychologists, fighters, and counselors. However, choosing the right book and theme will help you present the right psychology-theme-based gift to your loved one! For example, if you’re thinking of gifting a self-help book to a depression survivor, make sure you choose the right genre and content to prevent relapse of the symptoms!

Additionally, while selecting a self-help book pick a format and read reviews. While gifting the book, provide some pre-implementation tips so that your loved one can reflect on the thought behind selecting that self-help book.

Here are some quick tips to select the right self-help book for your loved one:

Pinpoint the goals and improvement strategies
Research authors and read reviews
Pick a format and genre mindfully

2.Therapy Ball

There are a lot of therapy balls available in the market. The Calm Sage team recommends Dr. Freud’s Therapy ball because it helps uncover the unconscious drives influencing negative behaviors or thoughts. Therapy ball is easy to use and here’s how you can use therapy ball:

Gift a therapy ball to your friend.
Ask any question, goal, or dream.
Pass them the ball and ask them to shake.
They will receive answers like, “Talk about your mother, you’re in denial, and more.”

This ball can help as a self-therapist! This ball is loaded with answers or solutions to all problems. Without thinking more, you can give it to your loved one, flip it over, and receive answers to all life problems.

3. Journals

There are different types of journals in psychology such as dream journals, bullet journals, daily journals, gratitude journals, personal journals, reflective journals, and more! Similar to self-help book gifting, you need to be more specific while gifting someone a journal! For example, considering their goals might help you choose the right journal for them.

If you’re confused, mindfulness journals are always a hit in psychology-themed gift ideas. Mindfulness journals are one of the best and most thoughtful gifts for reducing stress or anxiety and promoting self-reflection, and emotional well-being.

The tips below might help you choose the right journal for your loved one:

Choose a journal that comes with a personal space for daily reflections.
The journal must be easy to use and must be loaded with inspirational quotes for a daily dose of motivation.
Journals with guided prompts are always a hit!

4. Brain Boosting Puzzles

If you want to gift a psychology-themed gift to an enthusiast, student, or daily reader, brain-boosting puzzles are a big hit. By gifting brain-boosting puzzles, you challenge your loved ones’ problem-solving abilities and cognitive skills. There is a plethora of brain-boosting puzzles be it online or offline.

They are a great escape to restart, sharpen, and explore. One of the best advantages of gifting a brain-boosting puzzle is that it enhances decision-making skills. Below listed are some of the other benefits of gifting a brain-boosting puzzle to a loved one:

Improves short-term memory
Enhances mood
Great way to unwind
Improves spatial and visual reasoning
Offers stress and anxiety relief
Sharpens reasoning and logical thinking
Delays Alzheimer’s and Dementia
Boosts IQ
Improves concentration and focus

5.    Mandalas or Art Books

One of the most trending psychology-themed gift ideas is art or mandala books. Such books are considered to be one of the best stress relievers. Mandala or art books are suitable for all ages, they are easy to gift and navigate through. Below listed are some of the other benefits of gifting someone a mandala or art book:

Reduces stress and anxiety instantly
Provides therapeutic effect
Acts as an alternative to meditation
Refreshes the brain and soul
Boosts creativity

Most people don’t know but research shows that features of mandala art consist of geometric patterns that reflect the cosmos metaphysically. This is why mandala art helps in improving concentration, reducing discomfort, strengthening the immune system, and promoting sleep.

If you’re looking for some online options for mandala books, you may consider buying them from Extreme Copy Coloring Book, Sakura Gelly Roll Moonlight, and Khyati Geometry Template.

6.    Psychology Board Game

Have you ever heard of psychology board games, well you have not, let me tell you, they are our favorite pick from the list! Psychology board games are fun, learning, and suitable for all ages board games. They can be the best gifting options for mental health enthusiasts as they nurture their passion.

Such games help in exploring psychological case studies, theories, and concepts. They can be played solo or in a group. They are engaging and promote an educational experience that reinforces learning and mental health awareness amongst enthusiasts and survivors.

Below are some of the best psychology board game recommendations from Amazon:

Better Me Self-Improvement Game
Herd Mentality
Tell Me More
Head Rush
Mindfulness Therapy Game

7.    Inspirational Wall Art

Wall Arts are amazing gifts for everyone as they not only help in decorating their walls but also inspire contemplation and curiosity. While selecting wall art for gifting, opt for vintage psychological diagrams, modern interpretations, psychological concepts, or mind representations with a touch of sophistication.

They are best for initiating mental health-related conversations. Below listed are some of the benefits of inspirational wall art on mental health:

Sparks happiness within
Reduces stress
Fosters creativity
Improves self-expression
Enhances social connection
Enriches lives on multiple dimensions

8.    Comfortable Seating

You can also gift a comfortable seating chair or ergonomic cushion to provide proper support, support good posture, and provide them a cozy corner for those bloomy days. Do you know the consultation chair or thinking chair matters? They help in getting comfortable and freely associated with mindfulness. It provides a sense of safety and freedom while thinking of mental health.

9.    Mindfulness and Relaxation Tools

You can create a hamper wherein you can add different mindfulness and relaxation tools to unwind or de-stress. You can add stress-relief gadgets, sleep gadgets, meditation cushions, tea bags, essential oils, bathing salts, and more. Such thoughtful gifts help in improving mental well-being.

10.  Counselling Ball

Counseling balls are one of the best gifts for couples or groups struggling with mental health issues. Counselling balls are quite simple and easy to use, just toss the ball and start looking at therapeutic questions and affirmations. Whoever tosses the ball gets to speak which helps in managing mental health issues faced by couples or a group effectively.

Additionally, counseling balls also help in resolving conflicts and controlling impulsive reactions. This ball can be a great tool for initiating deep conversations amongst families as well.

11.  Self-Therapy Pad

Self-therapy pads can be gifted to anyone including counselors, psychologists, enthusiasts, strugglers, and everyone. This pad provides little therapy sessions which helps in alleviating depressive thoughts, anxiety, and regular stress. This pad is a well-adjusted guided pad that helps in determining your thoughts.

12.  Wheel of Emotions Pillow

Do you know there are different types of emotions? Well, the Wheel of Emotions Pillow is one of the best gifts to understand emotions and get in touch with current thoughts. This pillow helps in processing your emotions and reflecting on your thoughts. This pillow can be mostly seen in all psychologist’s offices.

I hope this blog helps you with 12 best psychology-themed gift ideas. Comment down and share your favorite pick from the list. For more such content, connect with us through all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

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