Putting the ‘treat’ into Treatment  

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Innovative New Fortified Ice Cream Range is Set to Improve Recovery for Patients 

My Doctor’s Recipe® launches a new range of Ice Creams fortified with protein and enriched with specially formulated DJK8®; a unique blend of minerals and vitamins, designed by Consultant Oncologist Dr Jon Krell, Chef and Manufacturer Sally Newall, TV Chef Alan Rosenthal and Business Owner Alan Mackenzie, whose personal story inspired the business. 

Inspired by Love: Alan Mackenzie’s deeply personal quest to transform patient nutrition 

My Doctor’s Recipe® is much more than just a business venture; it’s a deeply personal journey inspired by Alison, the late wife of co-founder Alan. Alison’s courageous battle with cancer, illuminated the critical importance of accessible and palatable nutrition during challenging times. Alison’s struggle with the conventional nutritional supplements available is a poignant reminder of the harsh realities faced by countless individuals in similar circumstances. Witnessing Alison’s journey firsthand, as she tried to take the ghastly, unpleasant drinks and the difficulty in consumption, compelled Alan to take action to honour Alison, along with his co-founders Dr Jon Krell (who was Alison’s doctor) and Chef Alan Rosenthal.  Alan recounts: “The grim reality of choking down unpleasant tasting nutritional drinks is a burden that not only affects physical health but takes a toll on the patient’s emotional well-being as well. Alison would say to her doctor ‘Jon is there nothing else? I try really hard to take these drinks but can’t stomach it?’ ’Sorry, Alison’ was Jon’s reply ‘ we just don’t have any alternatives. It’s the same for most of my patients, they just can’t take these drinks’. 

It was during the endless hours that Alan Mackenzie sat patiently at his wife Alison’s bedside that he became determined to help improve things for other patients and families, and the idea for My Doctor’s Recipe® was born.  

Introducing Nutri-Ice Cream® 

Designed and approved by doctors, My Doctor’s Recipe® Nutri-Ice Cream® comprises a range of high calorie delicious ice creams fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, designed to enhance the recovery journey for patients.  The range of Cappuccino, Banana, Vanilla and Chocolate flavours (with Strawberry coming soon) have been made with taste in mind despite being low in sugar and high in protein. For those that need added fibre to support gastrointestinal function there is also a Plus Fibre range in the same flavours. 

Unlocking The Power of Nutrition: My Doctor’s Recipe introduces DJK8® 

Developed in House by Dr Jon Krell, My Doctor’s Recipe® proudly unveils DJK8®, the exclusive and revolutionary formulation of encapsulated minerals and vitamins. Dr Krell says “At My Doctor’s Recipe®, we believe that true innovation lies in unlocking the power of nutrition. With DJK8® we have achieved just that. Traditional supplements often fall short in delivering nutrients effectively and many are lost in digestion. DJK8® changes the game by encapsulating these vital nutrients, preserving their integrity and potency until they reach their destination in the body. Every tub of Nutri-ice cream includes DJK8 ® and because they are meticulously locked in, they don’t affect the taste or the delicious flavour of ice cream.”  

Designed in collaboration with a world class nutritional lab and with the stamp of approval from medical professionals, My Doctor’s Recipe® is poised to become a game-changer in patient care. 

Transforming patients’ lives 

Many patients struggle with traditional nutritional drinks, finding it difficult to finish them due to the synthetic taste and format. While conducting research, chef Alan Rosenthal says: “It was abundantly clear speaking to healthcare professionals that they all faced poor ingestion rates with the current drinks, and that the lack of palatable options, was not only an inconvenience but also a significant barrier to proper nutrition and recovery.” 

Co-Founder Dr. Jon Krell, who works with cancer patients battling with nutritional support says:  
“Good nutritional intake is vital for patients undergoing treatment but eating three meals a day can be challenging for some, with certain treatments causing food aversions. The modern science of food should match the science of medicine working symbiotically alongside each other.”  

Testing within hospital settings has proven the need for this innovative product, with patients receiving treatment reporting much needed weight gain, improved nutritional intake and a greater enjoyment of food at a time in life when they have found eating very challenging. During trials across London hospitals, Nutri-Ice Cream® has captured the hearts of patients and healthcare professionals alike, earning rave reviews. One patient summed it up by saying: ‘At last medicine that’s a treat’! This groundbreaking product line is set to revolutionise patient nutrition. 

Delivering on taste 

The My Doctor’s Recipe® team knew that taste would be paramount to ensuring patient compliance and consuming the product. Chef Alan Rosenthal says: “Everybody, especially patients, should have access to an enriched, healthy and delicious snack when they need it. Being a patient shouldn’t mean that you can’t enjoy tasty foods. We’re thrilled to see the impact Nutri-Ice Cream® is having on patient nutrition and satisfaction. This is just the beginning of our journey to revolutionise hospital nutrition, and we’re excited to develop many more delicious products, to continue making a difference in the lives of patients across the country.” 

Each product is meticulously crafted with encapsulated vitamins and minerals, boasting high protein and calorie content to support patients in their recovery journey. Sally Newall, a partner in the business and the manufacturer of Nutri-Ice Cream® through her business Simply Ice Cream says: “It’s been a great honour to work on developing this range of ice creams over the last year.  Everything we make at Simply Ice Cream is hand made in small batches using the finest ingredients, free from artificial colours and preservatives, our ethos has always been to produce great tasting, natural foods and we will apply the same care and dedication to My Doctors Recipe®.” The range has undergone rigorous testing and trials to ensure that nutrition never compromises taste and vice versa. 

Available now 

My Doctor’s Recipe® Nutri-Ice Cream® and Nutri-Ice Cream Plus Fibre® is launching across London hospitals in February and rolling out nationwide in the coming months. It is also available to buy in 100g single servings for home delivery, available to order here

For more information on My Doctor’s Recipe and its range of fortified ice creams, please visit www.mydoctorsrecipe.com

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