Introducing “The KISSS Plan” – A Holistic Guide to Preventing & Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

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Special eBook Launch Offer on 6th November with All Proceeds Going to Charity

Author and nutrition expert, Neil D’Silva, is proud to announce the launch of his ground-breaking new book, “The KISSS Plan”. KISSS, an acronym for “Keep It Smart, Simple, and Sustainable”, offers readers a transformative journey to prevent or even reverse Type 2 Diabetes.

Beyond just another health guide, “The KISSS Plan” bridges the gap between complex medical jargon and actionable steps, focusing on a holistic approach to health. While many publications in the domain touch upon diet, this book delves into the synergy between the physical, the mental, and the emotional, covering topics from nutrition to mindfulness, stress management, sleep quality, and more.

Having over a decade of experience in nutrition and driven by personal encounters with family members battling Type 2 Diabetes, Neil’s approach combines traditional wisdom with modern scientific insights. This book stands as a testament to his dedication to making lasting health changes accessible to all.

Andrew Priestley, global business coach, publisher, and bestselling author, has lent his expertise to the book, contributing the foreword, further emphasising the book’s importance in the health and wellness sector.

On the 6th of November, to celebrate the book’s launch, the eBook version will be available for a special discounted price of just £2, down from its regular £8.99. In a generous move, all proceeds from the eBook sales on launch day will be donated to Ashford and Tenterden Samaritans, a charity Neil holds close to his heart due to his years of involvement as a volunteer, treasurer, trustee, and deputy director.

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Words: Neil D’Silva

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