Is It Better to Be a Travel Nurse in the UK or Australia?

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Working in the healthcare industry and caring for patients is one of the most divine jobs. By helping others, you fulfill yourself and feel good; plus, the earnings in this business can be quite good. The profession of a nurse is one of the most sought-after globally, and there’s generally a shortage of medical staff all over the world.

Being a nurse allows you to learn and improve your skills and work in a respected and exciting industry that’s constantly growing and implementing new technology. And if you want to see the world while doing the job you love, you can become an international travel nurse. More about this promising career read on this page.

Where to Pursue Your Career as a Travel Nurse

As said, there are nursing shortages in many countries around the world. At the top of the list are the United Kingdom and Australia, so if you’re thinking about pursuing a career abroad as a travel nurse, these destinations can be on your wish list. One of the reasons for this is the competitive salary and the possibility of career advancement.

Each country has different conditions for medical staff who want to work there, so devote a lot of time to research. It’s important to find out the requirements for becoming a travel nurse in the UK and Australia and browse through possible jobs and salaries for those positions. Use this information to make a comparison of nursing jobs in these two countries and make a well-thought-out decision.

Requirements for International Travel Nurses in the UK

Becoming a travel nurse in the United Kingdom is a dream job for anyone who loves medicine and this country. If you have a chance to work in the UK, you must prepare well because it’s a country with an excellent healthcare system and fairly high standards. Salaries for qualified medical personnel are also high.

Preparations can often take several months, so be patient. It’s assumed you have previous medical education or the necessary qualifications to work as a nurse. It doesn’t always have to be a university degree, but completed relevant courses and retraining are also accepted. In any case, you’ll show your knowledge in practice.

To work in the UK as a travel nurse, you need to pass objective structured clinical examinations (OSCE) as a part of your UK training. It’s a part of the learning process that should show you how to deal with a patient. You undergo this test after registering at the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMK) and getting a job offer in the UK.

You also need a high level of English (for non-native speakers), meaning candidates should take the IELTS test before coming to the UK. When you pass it, you engage with the NMK. You register there and take a computer-based test. It’s a check of your nursery and medical knowledge, and if you pass it, then you get to the UK to assess the OSCE.

How to Get a Job in the UK

As for finding a job in the UK, you can go with a reputable UK travel nurse agency or alone. It is important to apply after passing the competency test at NMK. Remember to include your CV in your application. If you meet the criteria, the employer sends you an offer and additional requirements to fulfill so you can live and work in the UK. 

Depending on whether you go through a recruitment agency or not, you need to arrange a visa and secure accommodation. Many employers can solve the housing issue, at least for a while, by placing you in accommodation near a hospital and making the first months easier for you until you get used to the new work environment.

Requirements for International Travel Nurses in Australia

To apply for a nursing job in Australia, you must be registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency or AHPRA. You don’t need any test for that, but you must have a nursing degree or a completed course and at least five years of experience. With all that, you will need a lot of patience, as the response for AHRPA can take months.

During that period, prepare all required documents from school proving you have classes in English and previous employees, showing at least 800 hours in a clinical setting. Also, have your state board license signed, as well as your resume, with as many letters of recommendations you can obtain.

Once you’ve got a job offer, you have to meet with a migration specialist from your future employer to finalize the details of the visa and work permit. Which one you’ll get depends on your age. If you’re younger than 30, you get a Work-Holiday visa. If you’re older, your employer (hospital or clinic) must sponsor you to get a Sponsorship visa.

UK or Australia – Which Country Is a Better Option for a Travel Nurse?

If you want to add a little more adventure to your nursing profession, you can opt for a career as a travel nurse in the UK or Australia. Both countries have their own set of requirements if you want to work there, so you have to decide which of these you meet. Also, don’t neglect working conditions and salary, as these can help you choose your next workplace abroad and be happy with your choice.

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