8 Injuries Victims of Bicycle Accidents Could Suffer From

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Most people prefer cycling because it is an environmentally friendly way to travel. It has various benefits. Due to the heavy traffic on busy roads, there has been an increase in bicycle accidents. As we all know, there is absolutely no safety barrier to protect them from falls or crashes.

Failure to check the distance or speed, lack of road awareness, drivers not noticing cyclists, and negligent behavior are some of the major reasons why bicycle accidents occur.

If you or a loved one is involved in a bicycle accident, then it is important to hire a bicycle accident lawyer. Bicycle accident victims suffer various injuries, from minor to serious health complications.

The eight common injuries a cyclist sustains in a bicycle accident are


After a bicycle accident, the injured victim may experience bruises due to the direct impact on the body. Bruises happen when the small blood vessels near the skin surface break, causing tenderness and discoloration. It is essential to get a medical check immediately after a bicycle accident. Aches, pains, and bruises may worsen if left untreated.

Broken Bones 

Most often, bicycle accidents can result in fractured bones in areas such as the wrists, legs, arms, and collarbones. The impact from a collision or fall can exert significant force on the body, which contributes to bone fractures. Minor bone fractures will be cured quickly. Serious broken-bone injuries may need surgery.

Head Contusions 

Head contusions refer to serious brain injuries that affect memory, cognitive abilities, motion, and more. This injury makes the injured cyclist experience difficulty using a bicycle. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, while cycling, very few people wear helmets. If you want to avoid head contusions, then it is important to wear a helmet all the time. 


Abrasions are also known as road rash, which is painful and traumatic compared to other injuries. Abrasion happens when the skin is scraped against a hard surface, such as the pavement or road. Following a bicycle accident, you may experience painful skin abrasions. It occurs on knees, hands, or other body parts.

Internal Bleeding

After a bicycle accident, the injured victim may experience a ruptured spleen, which can lead to death in various cases. Internal bleeding is a life-threatening sign of a ruptured spleen. It is also known as trunk trauma. In the case of a ruptured spleen, the doctor may remove the damaged organ surgically.

Emotional Injuries

Following a bicycle accident, the injured victim may suffer from emotional trauma. The victim may experience anxiety disorders, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. It causes long-lasting traumatic and psychological effects on the victim.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries can result in life-threatening health complications. Bicycle accident victims who sustain spinal cord injuries are prone to paralysis or death. The long-term effects of a spinal cord injury interfere with the victim’s ability to perform daily tasks. Victims require physical therapy, surgery, chiropractic care, epidural injections, and other treatments to combat the effects of a spinal cord injury.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

This type of injury happens when the head receives a bump, blow, or penetration from a foreign object. TBI disrupts normal brain functioning. TBI can lead to cognitive, physical, or behavioral difficulties. The recovery period for TBIs can be anywhere between a few months to a year. In extreme cases, victims of TBI may suffer from permanent disabilities. 

Wrapping Up

It is essential to keep note of these injuries in a bicycle accident. The specifics and severity of injuries can vary based on several factors, such as the circumstance under which the accident happened, protective gear used, speed, and others.

Consulting a bicycle accident lawyer can help you get fair compensation for your injuries, losses, and expenses.

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