The Psychedelic Society is Hosting Headless Way Retreat

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The Psychedelic Society ( is hosting an intimate Headless Way gathering for 22 people, where guests will be exploring the wonderful, ever-available true Nature ––Who we really, really are–– through the creative avenues of the Headless Way awareness exercises or ‘experiments’. 

This retreat is an opportunity to relax into being ‘space’ or ‘capacity’ for everything and everyone. Seeing and being Who we really are is an experience that is easy to share. At the retreat, guests will be spending a few days with others who are also enjoying this Vision.

Lead by Richard Lang, he will be introducing a range of insights about ourselves and our world from The Hierarchy of Heaven and Earth, an incredible book by Douglas Harding, the person who developed the Headless Way.

There will be delicious food, stunning walks, meditation, dance, star gazing, all at Brimpts Farm, a fantastic location nestled in the heart of Dartmoor.

The retreat starts on Thursday 26th October and finished Monday 30th October – it’s almost sold out, but there are few rooms available which you can see here: 

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