Humble Warrior – Bubbly Boost for Winter Wellness

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This winter, get your immunity in fighting form with humble warrior – the latest functional fizzy drink fuelling your winter wellness. Offering bubbles with serious benefits, humble warrior is a plant-powered boost for your immune system, packing a serious punch of both flavour and goodness. With each can delivering 100% of your recommended daily Vitamin C intake, as well as being 100% natural and low in calories, with no added sugar, humble warrior is the ultimate winter wellness hydration. 

Power up your immunity with humble warrior

With ‘pill fatigue’ sweeping the UK and 50% of Brits now looking for immunity-support through food & drink instead of from supplements or tablets, humble warrior is quenching the nation’s thirst for delicious and nutritious drinks. While “added vitamin” brands often use synthetic lab-made powders to fortify their drinks, humble warrior delivers its vitamins 100% naturally, sourced from botanical ingredients like acerola cherries, ginger and turmeric. Trading your mid-afternoon-slump fizzy drink for an immune-supporting humble warrior is the easiest health hack this winter season. 

Meleni Aldridge, nutritional practitioner and consultant to humble warrior from ANH Consultancy said: “We’re seeing more people looking for ways of enhancing – or hacking – their immune systems with natural ingredients in functional foods and beverages, as opposed to popping handfuls of capsules and other supplements. People are more aware than ever of how their food and drink intake, as well as their lifestyle choices, impact their immunity, either positively or negatively. Healthy beverages that are convenient, great tasting, low in sugar, free of additives, 100% natural and loaded with plant-based goodies for the immune system are particularly popular. 

More and more people are aware that isolated synthetic vitamins have their limitations, so are looking increasingly to naturally-occurring vitamins, minerals and botanicals that offer greater benefits and better assimilation through what’s known as their entourage effect – that comes from the synergy of the broad spectrum of compounds found naturally in foods and botanicals.”

100% natural botanical ingredients

The brand was inspired by co-founder, Rosh’s, experience of learning about plant alchemy from her father in Sri Lanka, where immunity was derived from the natural roots, spices and leaves in the surrounding environment as opposed to through manufactured supplements. On a mission to bring the power of plants to the UK, Rosh developed humble warrior – a perfect balance of both flavour and function, using 100% natural botanical ingredients. 

Available in three flavour combinations, spanning the tropical punch of Pineapple Ginger, to the berry burst of Pomegranate Hibiscus and the fruity fire of Mango Turmeric, each can of humble warrior is powered by the juice of real fruit and plants, specially selected for their immune-boosting properties. High-quality fruit and botanicals including; Amazonian acerola cherries, Peruvian ginger, turmeric, alphonso mangoes, and Costa Rican pineapples are ethically sourced from growers around the world, with a portion of all sales going to SOS Children’s Villages Charity to support their work in Sri Lanka. 

The ultimate healthy hydration 

So, this winter, unleash your inner warrior and give your immunity the fighting tools it needs with humble warrior – the ultimate healthy hydration. 

humble warrior Pomegranate Hibiscus and Pineapple Ginger is available to purchase from over 240 Waitrose stores nationwide, and online in four-can multipacks (RRP: £5.50 per 4x250ml). Mango Turmeric is set to hit Waitrose stores in February 2024.

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