Elevating Sleep Quality and Wellbeing for Side Sleepers

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Discover the Benefits and Versatility of Simba’s New State-of-the-Art Body Pillow for Side Sleepers

Side sleeping is by far the most common position in the UK, but in the pursuit of a restorative night’s slumber, those of us who do decide to rest on our sides often face unique challenges that can impact overall rest and wellbeing.

Uncomfortable pressure points, spinal misalignment, and restless tossing and turning can have far-reaching effects on rest and well-being. Striking a harmony between comfort and good body alignment can be a struggle for those who favour slumber on their side.

However, there’s an ingenious solution thanks to Simba – enter the sleep technology brand’s latest innovation – the Simba Cooling Body Pillow – an elongated, versatile, and state-of-the-art sleep companion.

The cutting-edge cushioning accessory has been meticulously crafted to cater specifically to side sleepers’ needs. It offers unrivalled comfort, hip and spinal alignment, and elevated sleep quality – making it a must-have for lateral resters or those in need of extra support, such as during pregnancy.

Similarly, this versatile pillow will provide support for nursing babies or additional back support when you’re sitting up.

When it comes to slumber on your side, it’s essential to get your body correctly positioned as you sleep, to help prevent any aches and pains. The Simba Cooling Body Pillow is a secret weapon to ensuring this.

How it works?

The long, gently curved shape of the Simba Cooling Body Pillow ensures the comfortable alignment of the entire body when you sleep on your side, reducing pressure on the shoulders and hips. It’s also helpful to expectant mothers, thanks to the way it supports the baby bump and supports the hips.

Whatever the reason you’re using it, here’s how to position it correctly; hug the pillow with your arms and arrange your legs around the bottom; one leg should be on top, knee slightly bent, the other will be underneath and a little straighter.

Key features:

● Removable, 100% Better Cotton washable cover with Stratos® cool-touch technology. Getting too hot at night is a widespread sleep problem, and a disruptive issue for women during pregnancy and menopause. That’s why Simba has added its Stratos® heat control tech to the entire cover of our Cooling Body Pillow.

This ingenious tech acts like a thermostat in your pillow, making the fabric feel instantly cool to the touch, as well as enabling it to sense and then dissipate any excess heat to keep you cool and dry.

● 100% Better Cotton pillow cover

Pure cotton inner casing ensures breathability. Simba is part of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), a not-for-profit organisation which makes global cotton production better for the people who produce it and the environment it grows in.

Better Cotton is sourced via a system of mass balance and is not physically traceable to end products, but BCI farmers benefit from the demand for Better Cotton in equivalent volumes to those we source.

● Recycled Simba Renew BioTM offers breathable, down-like cushioning and exceptional comfort
This advanced anti-allergenic material provides the down-like comfort of the Simba Cooling Body Pillow. The fibres are gently combed into soft, airy clusters, providing cloud-like cushioning and optimum breathability to keep you cool as well as comfortable.

Made from GRS certified (Global Recycling Standard) recycled PET bottle fibres, it’s an ingenious, renewable resource too. It cleverly biodegrades; so while normal polyester fibres take thousands of years to dissolve, it takes just two years for Simba Renew BioTM to vanish, without a trace.

In a nutshell, the Simba Cooling Body Pillow offers a multitude of benefits that cater specifically to side resters needs.

Comforting Hip & Spinal Alignment:

Side sleepers can often experience uneven body alignment, leading to discomfort and potential long-term issues. Simba’s Cooling Body Pillow provides a practical solution by filling the gap between the head, neck, and hips, supporting the body’s natural curvature and promoting proper alignment. By cradling the entire body, the pillow minimises stress on pressure points.

Superior Comfort:

Ask any sleeper who favours their side about their sleeping experience, and they’ll likely mention the ongoing quest for comfort. The Simba Cooling Body pillow is designed to address this issue by offering a plush and supportive surface that cushions the body from head to toe – relieving pressure from the shoulders, hips, and knees, effectively distributing body weight and minimising discomfort.

Joint Relief:

Side sleeping can place strain on specific joints such as the shoulders, hips, and knees. Careful placement of the Simba Cooling Body Pillow acts as a buffer, reducing pressure and stress on these vulnerable areas. Cuddling the pillow in a comforting embrace, side sleepers can enjoy a more natural and relaxed sleeping position.

Uninterrupted Sleep:

Restlessly shifting positions during the night can disrupt sleep and leave you feeling groggy and unrested. The Simba Body Pillow provides a sense of stability that helps side sleepers maintain their preferred position throughout the night. By preventing accidental rolling onto the back or stomach, the state-of-the-art accessory ensures a consistent side-sleeping experience. The result? Fewer sleep disturbances and improved sleep continuity, leading to a more energised and productive day ahead.

Versatile Support:

While body pillows are renowned for their benefits to side sleepers, they also serve a vital purpose for other groups, particularly pregnant women and people suffering with sleep apnea and snoring.

Pregnancy can bring a host of challenges, including discomfort in the hips, lower back, and pelvis. Simba’s Cooling Body Pillow can act as a valuable companion during this phase. Positioned between the legs and under the belly, it helps provide essential support while promoting good body alignment. Expectant mums can finally find solace in the embrace of a body pillow, ensuring a more restful and comfortable sleep during this special time.

If you’re battling sleep apnea or struggling with snoring, the Simba Cooling Body Pillow could be a game-changer to revolutionise your sleep routine. By promoting side sleeping, it helps to keep the airways open and unobstructed, reducing the chances of breathing interruptions and snoring.

SIMBA COOLING BODY PILLOW  Price: £109 Size: 120cm x 35cm

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