We test straightforward skincare serums and creams

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In today’s fast-paced world, men and women are increasingly recognizing the importance of taking care of their skin. However, when it comes to skincare, simplicity is often key. Men and women want skincare routines that are straightforward, efficient, and effective. A straightforward routine allows us to maintain healthy skin without feeling overwhelmed.

The solution? Simple, single-ingredient skincare serums

Single-ingredient serums, such as Purifect by Symphony Beauty, use active ingredients that target specific concerns

These particular serums are affordable and effective for consumers of all ages. They use cutting-edge nano-emulsion technology to deliver potent active ingredients, allowing for effortless layering without compromising efficacy

Flexibility to customize anyone’s skincare routine by choosing the serums that best suit the skin’s needs, including after a shave 

A familiar option for men? Tea Tree serum, a 100% natural antiseptic oil that purifies the skin and prevents blemishes.

Tried & tested

We were sent a few samples of the Serums and creams to try. I haven’t used a serum before but I liked how lightweight and easy it was to apply. There is a serum for every type of skin. From blemishes and flaking skin to wrinkles and repair and everything in between. We also loved that they are suitable for both men and women, after all skin is skin!

Purifect is dedicated to sourcing its ingredients from nature – no unwanted chemicals, parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, or anything you do not want near your skin, we also loved the price point of $15 for the serum and under $20 for the creams.

I tested a few drops of the correcting serum on the chest, neck and face, followed by the Collagen Cream, I was starting to get dark spots on my cheekbones and they are noticeably lighter, the wrinkles on my chest area (a sign I will be 53 later this month!) are also less wrinkly in the morning.

I have always been a bit lazy on my skin care routine so these appeal to my need for simplicity! I will carry on with these products and update the article once I have tried the others and will also add Mr B’s thoughts on his routine.

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