Psychedelic Society presents Healing with Trees event

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A day to gain clarity, peace & wisdom by tapping into our rooted allies.

Our relationship is codependent, invisible and deep. We cannot live without them, but how often do you take trees for granted? Often overlooked and disregarded in our search for healing, but trees power and support are extraordinary!  As well as giving us fruit, medicine and treehouses, they are wisdom carriers, portals… and can provide shifts in consciousness as profound as any other more sort after teacher plants.  

Trees have a relationship with you even if you are unconscious of it. Look for which trees are predominant near your home or work; it might not be a coincidence. According to Druid lore, there are 21 initiation trees, and when the time’s aligned the tree you need will appear in your life.  During this day of exploration, surrender and connection you will learn tools and techniques for connecting to the tree that you are drawn to and their significance and meaning.  Including:

The Birch:  The initiator, purifier and bringer of new life

The Oak: The master tree, bringing balance, strength, perspective, compassion and healing

The Yew:  The mysterious gateway between life and the beyond, full of secrets for those ready to listen, an ancient temple of knowledge

Helen Millar – coach, speaker, ceremonialist, and weaver of community and healing – will guide you on a journey in Hampstead Heath on Sunday 2nd July from 11am.

Tickets are available here: 

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