Escape to Serenity: A Day of Pampering at Down Hall Spa

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Oh, how I’d longed for a spa day, and when Camilla extended the invitation to join her at Down Hall, I didn’t hesitate for a moment. The mere thought of this retreat had me eagerly reserving my spot. Although I hadn’t checked the itinerary, I knew it would be an extraordinary day. I woke early and slipped into my comfiest walking attire, packed my yoga leggings and swimwear, and embarked on my hour journey to Hatfield Heath in Essex.

Down Hall, a place steeped in rich and vibrant history, was said to be one of ten ancient medieval manors in the Parish of Hatfield during the time of the Norman conquest. Today, it’s under the ownership of Veladail Hotels, who acquired the estate in 1986. Over the years, they’ve poured millions into restoring the house to its former splendour while tastefully modernising and updating the property, turning it into a contemporary country mansion. What fascinated me was that all the public rooms bore names linked to the estate’s enthralling past.

Rachel Branson with Camilla Sheeley Glowments UK

But let’s get back to my spa day. Following a refreshing cup of tea and some delectable handcrafted protein balls, we embarked on a delightful stroll through the estate. The morning sun graced us with its warmth on this lovely September morning, and the scent of leaves in the air was the perfect start to our day.

Each of us had filled out a health form, and it seemed that we were all in dire need of a soothing yoga session. Camilla concocted a perfect blend of relaxation and stretching, warming us up for the day ahead and allowing us to shed the stress of our bustling weeks.

Lunch was a culinary masterpiece, entirely plant-based and a feast for the eyes. I could have easily lingered there all day, grazing on the delights before me. However, after our meal, we were treated to a brief introduction to the world of crystals, followed by a heavenly sound bath featuring crystal singing bowls and a gong. I’ve always had a soft spot for sound therapy; each person experiences something unique. Some drift off into slumber, while others resonate with the vibrations. Today, I yearned for alignment.

We rose from our session and made our way to the spa. I enjoyed a quick 15-minute respite in the Wet Spa, a sanctuary designed for relaxation and rejuvenation. In this serene space, I found solace in the hydrotherapy pool, which maintained a soothing 36-degree temperature, relieving my aches and pains. The steam room worked its magic, detoxifying my body through open pores, and the sauna helped lower my blood pressure while easing tense muscles.

Wrapped snugly in my robe, I made my way to an Espa Express Rose-quartz Facial Massage and then retreated to the relaxation area for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

The grand finale awaited us beneath the glittering chandeliers in the lounge. We settled into plush sofas and were indulged with afternoon tea and a champagne tasting session.

As the day flew by, we revelled in the luxurious self-indulgence. Driving back along the M25 towards home, I vowed to treat myself to another of Camilla’s luxury spa days.


Yoga leggings: @artkatsura

Next retreat Sunday 21st January 2024.

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