Try Aquatic Shoes this Summer

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With the warm weather fast approaching, parents need to make sure their kid’s feet are protected as they swim, run and climb their way through the summer. Vivobarefoot’s Ultra Bloom aquatic shoes for kids are perfect for the job.

What’s more, Vivo just launched the new Hydra Esc, so kids don’t have to be the ones having all the fun – you can join in with their outdoor and aquatic adventures without sacrificing your feet. 


The Hydra ESC promises to deliver high performance through pioneering design, developed with elite trail and swimrun athletes.

Hydrodynamic lacing and a Bloom® foam insole help you glide through water, while the Michelin© ESC sole grips the slickest, most technical trails.

All materials drain and dry quickly and stay light when wet, making it the ultimate footwear for any trail or amphibious adventure. 

We tried them paddleboarding, they were great wading through the lake and getting on the board, perfect for pebble beaches or muddy lakes and easy to clean and dry after.

I haven’t tried them for running yet, I’m a size 4 and these came up a little longer than my normal running shoes so I’d possibly try the next size down so that the fit was better for running. I love the lacing and the foam insole as they are far more comfortable than my previous aquatic shoes and no annoying laces coming undone!

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