A cocktail of good health from new Yorkshire brand

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New wellness brand has upped the vitamin ante for 2024 with great tasting supplements 

A brand new vitamin supplement brand from Yorkshire is encouraging wellness seekers to say bottoms up to their health this month, with a trio of new single-shot, vegan-friendly vitamin and mineral supplements that taste like your favourite cocktails and soft drinks. 

Blue Planet, based in Skipton, North Yorkshire, has created a trio of new drinkable vitamins that are perfectly balanced to help you live your very best life.  From boosting your immunity during winter and throughout the year, giving you a much needed vitamin D infusion or boosting your energy levels, there’s a blend for everyone. 

Created as single shot effervescent powders that are added to water, the 100% vegan and sugar-free range, made with natural flavours, has been created to taste genuinely delicious. The range consists of:


Mojito Flavour

Kick start your immune system! This 100% vegan and delicious mojito flavour drinkable effervescent contains a combination of Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc to help support your immune system, and Vitamin C and Zinc are antioxidants which help to protect the body cells.


Mixed Berry & Guava Flavour

Here’s to Vitamin D all year round! The 100% vegan and delicious Mixed Berry & Guava flavour drinkable effervescent contains high strength Vitamin D to help maintain your bone and muscle function, as well as helping to absorb calcium.


Apple flavour

Get your daily energy whilst on the go! The 100% vegan and delicious apple flavour drinkable effervescent contains a combination of Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid to support your daily energy, as well as regulating other bodily functions.

Pioneered by Ilkley-based health industry stalwart, Mike Davies MBE, who also founded the Skipton-based Principle Trust Children’s Charity, Blue Planet carefully and lovingly creates all its products on site  in Yorkshire. 

Blue Planet is the first supplement brand to market to utilise groundbreaking EfferShield® – a new patented technology in vitamin and mineral effervescents. This smart tech allows 

effervescent manufacturing to a high quality with delicious flavours, and it also means the company can use a more eco-friendly approach to packaging options, with fully recyclable packaging and a commitment to zero waste.

Mike said: “We wanted to create a range of vitamin and mineral supplement blends that are convenient for busy lifestyles, easy to use, 100% vegan, locally made and really help with genuine wellness concerns. 

“The single use sachets are perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle and, unlike many other effervescent supplements, they really do taste great. It’s a win-win for anyone looking for a supplement brand to help meet health goals in 2024.”

Shop the range here – https://www.blueplanetvitamins.com/

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