Be Your Own Doctor of Health & Happiness – You Are a Miracle!

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There is a common misconception that health is achieved through doctors and medicine.

The word medicine should tell us the truth. It is derived from the Latin ‘medeor’ which translates as ‘I heal’, or ‘I make whole’. But what is already whole, hale or healthy does not need healing.

For over seventy-five years, the comprehensive medical service for every citizen, the NHS, has generated unsustainable demand and not the universal health expected. The shocking outcome is principally due to a lack of understanding of what health is, and a remarkable lack of interest in this question by the medical profession.

This small book, “Be Your Own Doctor of Health & Happiness – You Are a Miracle”, is a valiant attempt to take on this challenge, to begin to understand what health is and how we can all promote it in our lives. It would appear that governments cannot make us healthy, rather the task rests with all of us. Only when we all have the knowledge, understanding and commitment to take more responsibility for our own health will we have the healthy and happy society we want for ourselves and our children.

You may be amazed or shocked by some of the ideas, inspired and motivated by others, and by the end of this book you might even accept the fact that you truly are a miracle!

I have spent over fifty years as a health worker searching for the answer to that simple question, “What is health?” I hope this book will offer you some of the answers. I wish you a long, active life with good health and happiness.

Michael Lingard – BSc(Econ).DO

“Be Your Own Doctor of Health and Happiness  – You Are a Miracle!” can be ordered HERE

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