The Health Lottery’s Paying it Forward Podcast with Adele Parks

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Bestselling Author Adele Parks MBE shares her inspirational journey from aspiring writer to literary success on the ‘Paying it Forward Podcast’.

Renowned author from Teesside, Adele Parks MBE takes centre stage in an upcoming episode of  The Health Lottery’s Paying it Forward Podcast, hosted by the dynamic Danni Menzies. Set to air on Thursday 23rd May, this episode promises to offer listeners an intimate glimpse into Parks’ remarkable journey from aspiring writer to literary luminary.

In a candid conversation, Adele Parks reflects on her earliest aspirations, revealing, “I wanted to be a writer since I was a little girl. I was about seven years old or something when a librarian suggested it to me because I’m so square.”

Navigating a path to success wasn’t without its challenges. Parks recounts her varied career experiences, from teaching English in Italy to working in advertising and even briefly training as an accountant. Despite the detours, Parks remained steadfast in her pursuit of writing, diligently scribbling away her thoughts and experiences in notebooks.

Her perseverance paid off when she secured her first book deal at the age of 30. Reflecting on this pivotal moment, Parks shares, “It was what I wanted to do. The first book deal was just astounding. The idea I could even become an author was kind of a dream.”

With over 24 books to her name, Parks’ literary prowess has earned her widespread acclaim, including being awarded an MBE for her services to literature. Yet, amid her own success, Parks remains dedicated to paying it forward, particularly through her philanthropic efforts in promoting literacy.

“Reading and writing have changed my life,” Parks emphasises. “I genuinely believe in energy. What you give out comes back. So, every day, I strive to give back as much as I can, especially through supporting literacy charities.”

As she ventures into new territory with the upcoming film adaptation of her book The Image of You, Parks encourages aspiring writers to take themselves seriously and commit to their craft through consistent practice.

Listeners eager to glean insights from Adele Parks’ inspiring journey can tune in to The Health Lottery’s “Paying it Forward Podcast” on major platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon Music.

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