Grab a team and take on this incredible open water challenge

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Level Water, a national charity providing one-to-one swimming lessons to children with disabilities, is thrilled to announce its brand new series of 24 hour swim relays, across five open water venues.  

The first event of its kind, the 24hr Swim Relays are a celebration of open water and the swimming community. A completely unique experience, combining stamina, determination and team spirit, the challenge is simple – gather a team of up to eight and swim for an hour each, on rotation, for 24 hours.

Participants will experience outdoor swimming like never before, as they unite with swimmers from across the UK, to camp out overnight, test their endurance, make new friends and share their love of the open water. 

Each event is open to swimmers of all abilities and participants from every team start and finish each swim together on the hour.  It’s not timed or competitive and the challenge is in longevity, not distance with the pace and laps all determined by the individuals. 

It’s about coming together to take on a shared goal, keeping each other motivated – and cheering each other on at 4am when tiredness sets in. With an incredible sense of lakeside camaraderie, you’ll be huddling around the campfire, sharing stories and drinking hot chocolate to stay warm; you’ll be chatting through to the early hours, whilst doing a heads-up breaststroke and watching the sunrise.

With all proceeds going to Level Water, the real reward is knowing that everything you’re doing is to raise money for a worthy cause – the provision of swimming lessons for children with disabilities. It’s knowing that, one day, they might be able to take part in this challenge with their friends or family because of your remarkable fundraising efforts.

The four swim relays will be taking place at the following locations in 2024:

8/9 June – Shepperton, London

15/16 June – Clevedon, Bristol

29/30 June – TriFarm, Chelmsford

14/15 Sept – Lake 32, Cotswolds

28/29 Sept – Watersedge, Worcester

Join us for an adventure and use the power of swimming to help change lives. For more information, and to sign up, visit 

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