Wednesday’s Domaine Expands Alcohol-Free Wine Range:

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Entering Sparkling with Two New Varieties 

Wednesday’s Domaine is proud to announce the launch of two new additions to its range of premium alcohol-free wines. Building upon the success of its initial offerings introduced in July 2022, Wednesday’s Domaine continues to redefine the non-alcoholic wine landscape with its latest sparkling creations.

Crafted in collaboration with an award-winning English winemaker, Wednesday’s Domaine presents Eclat and Cuvée, two meticulously crafted sparkling wines.

These sparkling wines epitomise Wednesday’s Domaine’s commitment to quality, taste, and innovation. Boasting all the characteristics of traditional premium wines, including body, flavour, aroma, and complexity – yet without any alcohol.

The Wines

Eclat (0.0%) is a Verdejo-based sparkling white. Pleasingly acidic citrus notes accompanied by hints of elderflower and ginger. Pairs beautifully with seafood and shellfish.

Cuvée (0.0%) is an Airen / Tempranillo-based sparkling rosé. A vibrant and fruity acidity underpinned by biscuity, savoury notes. Pairs wonderfully with a wider variety of party foods, namely grilled skewers and roasted vegetables.

Wednesday’s Domaine’s quality sparkling wines allow anyone to feel truly part of any celebration, whether moderating their consumption or abstaining completely. Plus, with each glass containing under 20 calories and being vegan-friendly, Wednesday’s Domaine’s new wines cater to the growing demand for healthier, more inclusive beverage options – without compromising on taste or quality. 

“At Wednesday’s Domaine, we believe that moderating your alcohol intake should never mean compromising on taste or experience” says Luke Hemsley, founder of Wednesday’s Domaine. “With Eclat and Cuvée, we are thrilled to provide wine lovers with yet another opportunity to savour the richness and sophistication of sparkling wines, whether they’re drinking or not.”

Eclat and Cuvée will be available to purchase from and select stockists, offering consumers an unparalleled experience in alcohol-free sparkling wines. 

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