Exploring Giver Type: Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging (ENFJ)

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Giver personality includes extraversion, intuitiveness, feeling, and judging (ENFJ). It is one of the 16 personality types identified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). ENFJ personality can also be referred to as protagonist personality as they are outgoing, sensitive, loyal, and warm.

People with ENFJ personality are considered to be one of the “strongest people person” as they work on building their friendships. One of the best parts about ENFJ personality is that they can forge personality with all personality types listed under MBTI. They have strong sensing abilities which make them understand other’s feelings.

They accurately know how to influence and manipulate others. Can you think of a personality or loved one belonging to the ENFJ or giver personality? If yes, comment down in the below section. 

Do you know famous personalities like Jennifer Lawrence, Maya Angelou, Abraham Maslow, Peyton Manning, Barack Obama, Elizabeth Bennet, and Bono (Musician) identified as ENFJ personalities? Do you relate yourself or your loved one as an extraversion, intuitive, feeling, and judging (ENFJ)? Read this blog to know more about the giver or ENFJ personality type from MBTI. 

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What is the ENFJ Personality Type? 

ENFJs are people-pleasing personalities with charismatic, idealistic, and highly ethical and principles skills. They mainly rely on feelings and intuitions. ENFJs are like other extroverts, they are outgoing, sociable, and expressive, however, one specific difference between ENFJ and other extrovert personalities is that they need alone time to organize their feelings or thoughts. In psychology, there are two subtypes of ENFJ personality, ENFJ-A and ENFJ-T: 

ENFJ-A: ENFJ-A personality is known to be assertive, they are more outgoing and expressive towards their feelings. 

ENFJ-T: ENFJ-T personality is known to be turbulent, they hold on to their feelings and likely to struggle with common mental health issues such as anxiety and stress. 

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The Making of ENFJ Personality 

Extravert: ENFJs are like other extroverts, they are outgoing, social, and expressive. However, they might need some alone time to understand their feelings. 

Intuitive: ENFJs are introspective, loyal, creative and imaginative people with enhanced focus on the present. 

Feeling: ENFJs value others’ feelings and thoughts. However, they prefer subjective criteria while making decisions. 

Judging: ENFJs are disciplined, mindful, and value strong work ethics. They are great planners. 

Fact Check: ENFJ Personality Type 

ENFJ or giver personality is one of the rarest personality types making up about 2% to 5% of the general population. 
Opposite of ENFJ personality type is ISTP personality type. 
ENFJs are suitable for career options like counselor, psychologist, teacher, social worker, sales representative, human resource manager, politician, and manager. 

Characteristics of ENFJ Personality 

Below listed are some of the main characteristics of an ENFJ personality: 

Enjoys spending time with people 
Enthusiastic personality 
Great at encouraging, influencing, and manipulating others
Inspirational and motivational 
Interested in dedicating their time to others 
Outstanding leadership skills 
Self-blaming tendency 
Strong extraverts 
Tends to have great people-pleasing skills 
Tends to feel satisfied from supporting or helping others 
Tends to neglect their own emotional needs 

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Strengths and Weaknesses of ENFJ Personality 

Below listed are some of the strengths and weaknesses of an ENFJ or giver personality type: 

Strengths of ENFJ

Weaknesses of ENFJ

Warm, kind, and outgoing personality

Sensitive and approval-seeking behavior

Empathetic and understanding personality

Self-sacrificing and indecisive behavior

Encouraging, organized, and affectionate

Can sometimes behave overprotective and manipulative

Wide social circle

Tends to be uncompromising and rigid in some situations


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ENFJ Personality in Different Areas of Life 

1. Relationship 

Giver or protagonist personality is nurturing, supportive, encouraging, and warm personality. They are very serious about their personal relationships. ENFJs are too affectionate toward others that they often neglect their emotional needs in order to fulfill other’s needs. They are great helpers and altruistic. They are liked by all and people actually appreciate their generosity. ENFJs are outgoing and highly social people however, in order to process their own feelings, they might need some alone time. 

2. Career 

ENFJs are great supporters and helpers; they are interested in interacting with people. They bring out the best leadership, management, communication, and organizational skills. They are really great at resolving conflicts as they strive to bring harmony. Such skills make them potential towards career options like counselor, psychologist, teacher, social worker, sales representative, human resource manager, politician, and manager. 

3. Friendship

ENFJs make best friendships, they actually care for people. However, when they don’t receive the same love or support, they might get upset, but you’ll never see them expressing their needs. They are great listeners and they like to offer extended support to their friends. 

4. Parenting

Giver’s personality as a parent is sometimes directed as helicopter parents because they’re so concerned in children’s lives. Additionally, they can also sometimes be rigid, strict, or insensitive. In order to fix their parenting style, they might need to provide the right space to their children for exploring and understanding their individuality. 

I hope this blog helps you understand everything you want to know about ENFJ or giver personality type from MBTI. Do not forget to share this blog with the people who strike your mind when you think of the giver personality type. 

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