Exploring Director Personality Type: Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging (ESTJ)

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The “Director” personality includes extraversion, sensing, thinking, and judging (ESTJ). It is one of the 16 personality types identified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). ESTJs are like other extroverts; they love spending time with people, pay attention to all senses, weigh facts and principles heavily, and prefer living a structured lifestyle.

According to psychologists, ESTJ personality is logical, action-oriented, assertive, and smooth. They love following laws, standards, and traditions. They possess a sensible judgment power which is one of the best things about an ESTJ personality.

ESTJs can also be referred to as guardian supervisors, providers, protectors, and inspectors. Can you think of a personality or loved one belonging to the ESTJ or director personality? If yes, comment down in the below section. 

Do you know famous personalities like Michelle Obama, George W. Bush, Lyndon B. Johnson, Andrew Jackson, and Patt Summitt identified as ESTJ personalities? Do you relate yourself or your loved one as an extraverted, sensing, thinking, and judging (ESTJ)? Read this blog to know more about the director or ESTJ personality type from MBTI.

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What is the ESTJ Personality Type? 

ESTJ personality often referred to as director personality includes extroverted, observant, thinking, and judging personality traits. Such a personality is highly self-directed, stabilized, and empathetic. They like things being in order and traditionally, they know how to use their social skills to bring communities and families together.

They have great judgment skills which make them understand what’s wrong, right, and socially acceptable. They are honest and dedicated personalities, they are happy with what they have, and the best part about them is that they don’t give up easily even when things become excessively challenging or stressful. Overall, they are model citizens, they are great helpers, uphold the laws, and try to bring the society and community together. 

The Making of ESTJ Personality 

Extraversion: ESTJs are social birds who prefer bringing society, communities, and family together. They are perfect examples of citizens as they are well aware of their surroundings. 
Sensing: ESTJs are smooth, systemic, traditionalists preferring stability and standards over everything else. 
Thinking: ESTJs are highly logical, observant, and self-directed. They think about their actions before acting out. 
Judging:  ESTJs have great judgmental skills as compared with the other 15 personalities presented in the MBTI.

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Fact Check: ESTJ Personality Type

According to studies, ESTJ makes up about 8% to 12% of the population which makes them common out of all other personalities wherein 11.3% are males and 7% are females. 
According to psychologists, ESTJ is compatible with ISTP, ISFJ, and ESFJ and they are less compatible with INFJ and INFP. 
ESTJs excel in career options related to management and supervisory such as judge, politician, school administrator, business manager, banker, and accountant. 
ESTJs hobbies and interests revolve around homemaking, gardening, community service, watching sports, volunteering, and playing different sports or games. 

Characteristics of ESTJ Personality

Below listed are some of the main characteristics of an ESTJ personality: 

Charge-taking attitude 
Honest and frank 
Keeps high values for traditions, security, and rules 
Keeps orthodox approach toward life 
Leadership skills
Likes maintaining status quo 
Rigid, unyielding, and stubborn 

Strengths and Weaknesses of ESTJ Personality

Below listed are some of the strengths and weaknesses of an ESTJ or director personality type: 

Strengths of ESTJ

Weaknesses of ESTJ

Self-confident, practical, and realistic

Inflexible and insensitive

Hard-working with strong leadership skills

Unable to express feelings

Traditional, rule follower, and dependable

Can sometimes be bossy or argumentative

Stable, structured, and organized

Orthodox approach toward life

Dedicated and strong-willed

Stubborn and uncomfortable with change

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ESTJ Personality in Different Areas of Life 

1. Relationship 

ESTJs are highly committed personalities; they respect their words and take their relationships seriously. In the beginning, it might take some time, but once they dedicate themselves to a relationship; they are one of the most loyal and highly committed personalities you’ll ever encounter. ESTJs are not a big fan of acknowledging emotions or feelings, which might bring some difficulties in the relationship.

However, with great understanding, one can effectively understand what’s going on inside ESTJ. Like other extroverts, ESTJ personality is outgoing, energetic, and loves spending time in their social circle. They are funny, charismatic, and effectively become the center of attention. 

When it comes to their relationship, you’ll find them making efforts. Social events make them happy and they energetically look forward to attending reunions, anniversaries, dinners, parties, and other important occasions. They are quite rigid with routines and rules. Lastly, they are good listeners and great friends to have. According to psychologists, ESTJ is compatible with ISTP, ISFJ, and ESFJ and they are less compatible with INFJ and INFP. 

2. Career 

ESTJs are quite inflexible with routines and rules, but, at the same time, they are really great with commitments. Therefore, they might need career options that use their commitment as strength.

Additionally, ESTJs are highly dependable and hard-working; they love following directions and have great respect for higher authority. They are punctual about their work and the best part about them is that they complain rarely. ESTJs excel in career options related to management and supervisory such as judge, politician, school administrator, business manager, banker, and accountant. 

3. Friendship

ESTJs are highly social and easily get along with people. They enjoy social activities which makes their social circle big. Sometimes, they can be highly dependable and like to follow through on commitments. ESTJs make really good friends with people as they know how to maintain values and respect (be it their friendships, relationships, or familial relationships). 

4. Parenting 

ESTJs are highly committed, loyal, and goal-oriented personalities. They rigidly enjoy following rules and structures. When it comes to parenting, they like their children to be self-directed; they like to guide their children. Sometimes, they can be domineering, blunt, or stubborn. 

I hope this blog helps you understand everything you wanted to know about ESTJ or director personality type from MBTI. Do not forget to share this blog with the people who strike your mind when you think of the director personality type. 

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