Lumi Therapy Unveils Its Groundbreaking Recovery Pod™ Ice Barrel

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LUMI Therapy, number 1 leaders in cold water therapy and fitness recovery, announces the launch of their latest product, the LUMI Recovery Pod
Pro Ice Barrel, a cutting-edge addition for people’s homes.

Crafted with a thick rubber hardened-wall construction, the LUMI Recovery Pod Pro offers a unique and immersive experience for individuals seeking optimal recovery and rejuvenation. Elite athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or someone prioritising self-care, the Ice Barrel is engineered to elevate everyone’s recovery journey.

Key Features of the Recovery Pod Pro Ice Barrel include:

Thick rubber wall and air gap insulated construction

Ultra durable fibreglass reinforced skin-friendly PVC

Thermo top lid to keep the water at a steady temperature

High Pressured Solid Structure

The LUMI Recovery Pod PRO has been designed to seamlessly integrate with the LUMI Thermo miniULTRA chiller unit (not included), ensuring the water remains crystal clear with its washable particle filter, all whilst reliably maintaining an icy, constant temperature of 3°C (37°F), offering an unparalleled cooling experience.

Gavin Teague, LUMI Therapy CO-Founder, says, “The Recovery Pod Pro Ice Barrel represents a leap forward in our mission to empower individuals on their wellness journey.

We believe that optimal recovery is a cornerstone of overall well-being, and this innovative product is designed to make a significant impact on the lives of our users.”

He continues, “At LUMI Therapy, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of wellness. The Recovery Pod Pro Ice Barrel embodies our commitment to providing accessible, effective, and sustainable solutions for everyone, from professional athletes to those simply seeking a better quality of life.”

The LUMI Recovery Pod Pro costs £275 with the Pod and the Lid, and can be bought on the LUMI Therapy website.

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