Brits Shift from Margaritas to Marathons: 2024 Leisure Trends Revealed

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A new trend report unveils how Brits are reshaping their leisure choices, favoring active pursuits over nightlife for the year ahead.

In a comprehensive analysis conducted by Creative PR Agency PrettyGreen, insights into the evolving leisure landscape of the UK have surfaced, showcasing a remarkable inclination towards health and wellness-oriented activities. This shift comes at a time when the nation gears up for an eventful year of sports, commencing with the highly anticipated London Marathon in April.

Leisure Trends Revealed

The report, titled “The Play Book,” discloses a striking 31% surge in both time spent and expenditure dedicated to active events throughout 2024, surpassing all other leisure segments. Notably, there’s a significant rise in interest among men, who are projected to boost spending by 27%, along with Millennials and Gen Z, expected to increase their expenditure by 28% and 23%, respectively. Conversely, Baby Boomers are anticipated to reduce spending on such activities by 13%.

Concurrently, approximately 20% of UK adults are redirecting their leisure time towards activities promoting physical and mental well-being, encompassing creative endeavors, skill acquisition, and prioritising health.

Nevertheless, the nocturnal landscape of bars, pubs, and nightclubs is witnessing a slowdown. Projections indicate a notable decline in both time spent and money allocated to these venues, down by 9% and 6%, respectively. This trend underscores the necessity for social hospitality establishments to innovate and cater to a clientele increasingly inclined towards wellness-centric experiences.

Lucy Porter, Strategy Partner at PrettyGreen, underscores the significance of this cultural transition, stating, “Our research underscores a nation that’s actively embracing health and wellness, seeking experiences that complement an active lifestyle.”

In summary, “The Play Book” elucidates a clear narrative: the UK is embracing a wellness revolution, prioritising fitness and well-being over conventional nightlife pursuits.

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