Relax & Replenish The Botanical Way

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Introducing a NEW multi-nutrient plus botanical complex from Wassen. Relax & Replenish contains a Botanical Complex made up of Passion Flower, Reishi Mushroom, Avena Sativa as well as Ashwagandha, and Lavender to support relaxation. This high-performance formula is designed to be taken before bedtime, replenishing nutrients at night while you sleep. 

There are lots of things to love about this new supplement, which also contains:

Copper and Biotin help to support a normal functioning nervous system, to ease you into the evening.

Magnesium is vital for many aspects of health including normal psychological function, energy-yielding metabolism (energy for the next day), a normal functioning nervous system and healthy bones, muscles, and electrolyte balance.

Vitamins C & E contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. Oxidation is the process associated with ageing cells and decay.

This is the perfect natural option for those who need additional support winding down. Rest easy knowing this supplement is doing the hard work for you.

Wassen Relax & Replenish, £20.99 for 90 vegan capsules, available from as well as Amazon on 1 January 2024.

Food supplements should not be used a substitute for a balanced diet or healthy lifestyle.

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