GSN Launces a Healthy High Protein/Low Carb Spin on our Favourite Takeaway

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They were told it was the impossible task, to make a sublime Sweet & Sour Chicken pot that didn’t skimp on taste yet swerved the minefield of high carbs, excessive sugar and unwelcome artificial nasties so readily associated with the nation’s favourite Chinese Takeaway hero.

From Gold Standard Nutrition’s perspective for the last 6 years this has been by a country mile the most requested flavour from this ambitious Challenger brand’s healthier living community; a recipe that has taken a year’s worth of tweaks and refinements to get just so!

This is a fiendishly sticky yet nutritionally savvy recipe that offers all the tangy twang and satisfying crunch you could possibly crave from this World Cuisine classic but in a high protein/low saturated fat style that will make even the most stubborn, healthier living enthusiast’s heart sing with joy.

‘These are very exciting times for our flourishing healthier meals business, marrying classic flavours with unrivalled nutritional integrity,’ adds GSN founder Craig Allen.  ‘For a business that 1st cut its teeth in the indie gym sector before broadening its horizons to become a home delivery hero (B2C) whilst supplying universities, independent stores, garage forecourts, military barracks, police stations this feels like a step change moment for our rapidly evolving brand.’ 

Over the next few weeks GSN will be heading out on the road with its health-conscious friends from Everlast gyms to trial and showcase this latest addition to the GSN stable.  If that was exciting enough, this pioneering flavour is being unveiled at WIT London, the spiritual epicentre of the UK’s healthier living movement.

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