Coldpress Launches Everyday Affordable Ginger and Turmeric Double Shots

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Coldpress’s unashamed democratisation of premium tier juices continues in earnest this March with the arrival of its two generously proportioned double shots (Ginger & Turmeric) into Ocado and a tightknit network of indie wholesalers following a successful online trial.

With juice ‘boost’ shots quickly establishing itself as the most talked about, fast-growing category within juice & smoothies, it was important for Coldpress to take its ‘everyday affordable’ stance into the vibrant shots arena by charging the same price for its 150ml offering that most brands demand for a single 60ml unit.

According to Coldpress founder, Andrew Gibb, ‘In much the same way we’ve recently launched a sublime mandarin to help address today’s spiralling orange juice costs, we wanted to offer a commonsense antidote to some of the staggering retail prices currently being demanded for shots. 

Coldpress believes that palatable pricing is the only way to ensure long-term category penetration for such a dynamic juice sub-category that has single-handedly re-energized the wider juice and smoothies fixture.  The very fact that we own our HPP production facility and have easy local access to sublime Spanish fruit means that we’re better placed than most to bring balance to a shots category making the transition from cult hero to everyday essential.

Coldpress shots in their unique hexagonal bottle livery certainly don’t skimp in terms of ‘hero’ ingredients, with Apple Ginger containing a generous 17% ginger whilst Orange Apple Passionfruit Turmeric contains a staggering 12% turmeric.  

It’s also worth noting that for those consumers less enamoured by the harsh, gritty taste that many turmeric shots offer, the welcome presence of passionfruit within Coldpress’s offer ensures an altogether smoother, more palatable quaff.

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