Review: SmarterNaturally’s Instant Broccoli Soup

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I recently tried SmarterNaturally’s instant broccoli soup, perfect for a convenient lunch with the added benefit of lowering blood sugar!

Preparing it reminded me of making a supergreen drink, but with the added benefit of fibre. It’s incredibly simple to whip up, making it an ideal option for a quick office lunch.

Gone are the days of reaching for a high-calorie sandwich; instead, I now opt for this instant broccoli soup at least once a week. Not only is it a healthier alternative to typical ‘cup a soup’ options, but it’s also crafted from a unique variety of broccoli known as GRextra, grown right here in the UK.

What sets SmarterNaturally apart is its exceptionally high levels of glucoraphanin, a molecule renowned for its health-boosting properties. Once ingested, this molecule transforms into sulforaphane in our gut, activating antioxidant genes that support a healthier metabolism, especially as we age.

The benefits of incorporating this soup into your diet extend far beyond just lowering blood sugar levels; it’s associated with a range of health perks, including reduced blood pressure, protection against heart disease, and even a decreased risk of certain cancers.

While the full spectrum of benefits may take a few months to manifest, preliminary research suggests that consuming this soup once a week for 4-6 months could yield significant results.

In conclusion, SmarterNaturally’s instant broccoli soup isn’t just a lunch option; it’s a step towards a healthier lifestyle. With its delicious taste and impressive health benefits, it’s definitely worth adding to your weekly meal rotation.

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