Rest and Relaxation for Busy Mums with moonbird

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Rest, relaxation and sleep are priceless. Though for many moms, those highly necessary things can often be hard to come by. Enter: moonbird. 

moonbird is the world’s first tactile breathing coach, developed and recommended by therapists, psychologists and doctors, that fits in the palm of your hand. With over 30,000 customers to date and an overwhelming amount of positive reviews, moonbird is proven to support people suffering from stress, anxiety or insomnia through its calming breathing exercises and easy functionality. 

Just shake it to turn it on, then hold it in your hand and breath in and out as the device expands and contracts. After 5 minutes, anxiety is reduced, and after 10 minutes, stress is lowered. Having trouble falling asleep? Those who use moonbird improve their sleep quality by 37%. You can even personalize your breathing exercise to make it work for you, whether that’s box breathing, the 4-7-8 method, or balance breathing.  

For busy moms this Mother’s Day, moonbird is also giving £25 off their products, so you can get her the gift of peace of mind. The promotion will be running from 2/25-3/11 using the code MUMLOVE.

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