Artistic Brilliance: How Brittany O’Connor’s Passion and Perseverance Defied the Odds

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An accomplished artist and mentor, Brittany O’Connor, is a shining example of what can happen when someone is passionate about their craft and perseveres regardless of anything life throws at them. Her story is about fighting for your dreams, believing in yourself, and never giving up despite the odds and setbacks.

We talked to Brittany about her life and how she reached her current success, and she shared her findings with us. When her past came into question, Brittany explained how from a young age, she was told she couldn’t accomplish much in terms of what she really wanted to pursue. She started dancing later in life and was a hypochondriac; however, she refused to let these limitations define her and moved forward with conviction to achieve remarkable success.

After four years of studying ballet, she received a professional contract for one of the largest ballet companies in the country, followed by a company contract for one of the largest companies in Europe, SemperOper Ballet. Brittany attributes this success to her attitude toward life. She doesn’t believe in backing down from challenges; she faces them head-on.

Further questions about her life led to deeper insights into how Brittany’s talent wasn’t limited to classical ballet. She has always been a multi-talented individual – which is why she successfully transitioned to the commercial world and was cast and featured in various television shows and films.

In addition, Brittany was also a soloist and featured dancer for PBS with Grammy award-winning Flamenco Guitarist Benise and a guest artist, principal dancer, and choreographer for Andrea Bocelli’s World Tour. 

However, her struggle with her undiagnosed condition took a terrible toll on her. “If something doesn’t feel right, do your research, get your blood tested! Dancers especially have been taught to work through the exhaustion, the pain… you can’t. In my case HASHIMOTO’s can be fatal if left untreated,” Brittany shared.

Being the fighter she is, she fought for her health and turned the odds in her favor. But she also said that one should never accept a condition as normal. “It has taken me over 13 years to figure out why I was feeling this way…I truly thought this was just my norm…but it isn’t. No one should feel unbalanced for years,” Brittany explained.

Today, Brittany is advocating fighting for yourself and your life. Through her own experiences, she has learned the importance of going against what society has taught to have a successful life, fighting for oneself and one’s dreams, and not listening to those who say it’s impossible. She has travelled to over 70 countries and has the ability to inspire and help others find the spark in themselves to do the same.

Brittany O’Connor is an extraordinary artist whose passion and perseverance have allowed her to defy the odds and achieve remarkable success. Brittany’s message is clear: fight for yourself, fight for your dreams, and never give up. We wish her luck in all her future endeavors. 

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