Blackstone BBQ Griddle launches in the UK in Partnership with JDM Products.

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England – Blackstone, America’s leading griddle brand with over 80% market share, is thrilled to announce its official entry into the UK market through an exclusive partnership with JDM Products the specialist added value Distributor based in Daventry. The launch of Blackstone BBQ Griddle in the UK opens up huge volume opportunities for retailers and outdoor cooking specialists to experience the ultimate cooking flexibility.

The heart of Blackstone’s ethos is summed up in their slogan: “Cook anything, anywhere, any time.” Blackstone griddles are designed to empower everyone to prepare a wide variety of dishes in an outdoor setting, making it the ideal choice for BBQ enthusiasts, campers, and outdoor cooking aficionados.

Steven May, UK Country Manager at JDM, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership, saying, “We are excited to bring Blackstone to the UK market and offer every retailer the chance to tap into the immense popularity of the brand in the specialist sector. BBQ super-fans have been importing Blackstone griddles from the USA for their exceptional cooking flexibility, and now, they can conveniently find them right here in the UK.”

May continued, “We are actively seeking partners to join us on this exciting journey to provide a complete customer experience, showcasing the incredible versatility of Blackstone griddles. The goal is to help everyone enjoy the unparalleled cooking flexibility that Blackstone offers.”

In the USA, Blackstone has already achieved a staggering $650 million in annual turnover and has firmly established itself as a dominant player in the outdoor cooking category, with an 80% market share. With the UK launch, the brand is poised to replicate its stateside success and become a household name among outdoor cooking enthusiasts by building partnerships that encompass demonstration, teaching, and ongoing customer education.

In addition to forging retail partnerships, Blackstone is also working to establish a network of Blackstone BBQ cooking schools in the UK. These schools will serve as hubs for new customers to experience the incredible variety of foods that can be prepared on a Blackstone griddle, opening up a world of culinary possibilities.

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About Blackstone

Blackstone is America’s number one griddle brand, offering versatile outdoor cooking solutions that enable people to cook anything, anywhere, and at any time. With over 80% market share in the USA, Blackstone is known for its commitment to quality and innovation in outdoor cooking.

About JDM Products Distribution
JDM Products Distribution is a renowned distributor of high-quality products. They are committed to providing the best in class logistical services to both their retail and supplier partners. They provide value added services to partners by continually investing in IT solutions and keeping up with new consumer trends. They maintain a vision towards the future by positioning themselves to take the lead with industry changes while maintaining their commitment to setting the standard in the industry. The pursuit and achievement of their mission will result in outstanding customer satisfaction, high job satisfaction and long term sustainable growth for their partners

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