Coldpress Broadens Its Citrus Fruit Horizons By Adding Mandarin with added Vitamins

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As a business that has always placed the democratisation of premium tier juices at the very top of its great taste manifesto, it makes perfect sense that the UK’s original HPP pioneer Coldpress would move quickly to tackle a spiralling cost of living crisis via the eagerly anticipated launch of a sublime yet affordably priced 750ml Mandarin made with Spain’s tastiest, sweetest mandarins.

Even though juice enjoyed something of a renaissance in 2023 having been re-categorised as an ‘affordable essential’ in line with a growing push for healthier living and immunity goals; soaring orange juice prices, which have already climbed a further 40% in 2024, a result of declining USA/Brazilian crops, mounting Red Sea tensions and increasingly unpredictable weather patterns encouraged Andrew Gibb and his team to broaden their citrus fruit horizons.

According to Andrew, ‘Clearly the pioneering work of our HPP facility in Spain coupled with access to incredible local fruit means that our fresh tasting sweet mandarin really pops! It’s also worth noting that mandarins are a fantastic, low calorie winter fruit, jam-packed with beneficial vitamins and minerals. Alongside the all-important vitamin C, which ably supports one’s daily immune system function, mandarins contain enviable quotas of two antioxidant phytochemicals (beta-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin) that your body turns to vitamin A, which supports good vision, a healthy immune system and positive growth development.’

‘The deliciously distinct sweetness of mandarins,’ concludes Andrew, ‘also supports our juice’s expanding ‘beyond breakfast’ appeal, a positive outcome (wider all-day family usage, mocktails….), fuelled by a growing appetite for healthier living offerings

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