Tote bags confirm themselves once again as a trendy bag in 2024

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The Tote Bag, the iconic “shopping bag” that was born as an accessory in which you can stuff everything, has over the years become a real must-have that every woman has in her wardrobe. It is a large and practical model of bag, usually open and equipped with two handles to be carried on the shoulder, which over the years has made even the biggest and most important high fashion designers fall in love with it, who have created dedicated collections and increasingly prestigious and luxurious bags, such as the tote bag Versace.

The following is an in-depth look at what will be the new trends and most popular models of the season, with a focus on the history of this timeless bag that has made its way into the hearts of all fashion addicts over time.

Tote Bag: the story of a bag that has become a style icon

Originally conceived as simple fabric bags that women used to go grocery shopping and later as practical tools for guys who made door-to-door newspaper deliveries, Tote Bags first changed their original purpose in the mid-1900s, when they became “Boat Bags” and were used by wealthier ladies for life on a boat.

During the 1950s booming, every American woman began to want a Tote Bag, turning this item into a must-have accessory. It was however around the 1960s that, thanks to the launch of a more elegant model, the Tote Bag was definitively established as an ultimate handbag and became part of the look of stars and celebrities around the world.
Another milestone in their history came around the end of the 1900s, when the most important and prestigious designers on the fashion scene created the first signature collections, capable of being elegant, feminine and luxurious. 

Today Tote Bags represent not only a bag that every woman likes and an accessory that cannot be missed in a woman’s wardrobe, but also the expression of fashion in everyday style.

How to match a tote bag to the outfit

Since it is large and super comfy, the Tote Bag represents a perfect daytime accessory. From basic to elaborate designs to more contemporary and innovative proposals, it is the perfect bag to carry at all times whether paired with simple daily looks (jeans and t-shirt) or with more boho and romantic outfits (such as long, floral dresses).
If you opt for a model made of an innovative material, it can become the ideal ally to enrich your urban style and give a more futuristic allure to your outfit.
The Tote Bag is unquestionably the trendiest accessory for the office; you can opt for a neutral color if you want to achieve a classy effect or for more vibrant and bright shades to give a chromatic touch to more sober looks. 

Finally, the Tote Bag can also be worn in the evening and on the most special occasions: just choose an elegant model in leather and in a slightly smaller version and pair it with garments such as mini-dresses, blazers or suits to achieve a super chic effect.

Trends for spring-summer 2024

The fashion runways have also decreed the trends for next spring-summer 2024 when it comes to handbags, and Tote Bags are reconfirmed in this new year as well.

Unmissable are the very large, minimal and essential models in canvas, straw, rattan and suede, enriched by weaves and embroidery and to square ones, as well as those with rigid top handles and detachable shoulder strap allowing multiple carrying options.
Tote bags inspired by quiet luxury style are also confirmed as a trend, so essential and without visible logos, created strictly by hand with the highest quality leathers and small hidden tags, in support of a luxury that is there but not seen.

Big news coming up are the mini Tote bags, in horizontal or vertical versions, to be worn on the shoulder, over the shoulder or carried by hand. Finally, the models that will absolutely become the most popular in the coming hot season are the soft Tote Bags, the luxury ones with crystal appliqués, the more creative versions designed to be worn even in the evening, and the iconic and classic models reinterpreted in a contemporary key, with multicolor prints and contrasting fabrics. 

In addition to the more traditional black and brown, the colors that will be in vogue will be the pastel ones, with sky blue, powder pink, and cream taking center stage; denim and Peach Fuzz shades, the latter elected Pantone color of 2024, will also be very popular.

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