Working Out When Traveling

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Travel can present unique fitness challenges; however, you can still use limited equipment and time effectively for an effective workout session.

As opposed to punishing yourself for skipping out on exercise sessions, try these easy strategies for fitting exercise into travel plans from an experienced travel blogger.

1. Go for a Walk

Though many see vacation as an opportunity to fully escape their daily routines – including exercise – you don’t need to let a cross-country flight or road trip derail your fitness goals. Exercise during travel could actually help prevent weight gain due to extended relaxation periods!

Plan ahead and identify an exercise strategy that suits you – that doesn’t necessarily involve hitting up an expensive hotel gym for strenuous workouts or going for beach runs in 90-degree weather – it could simply involve increasing daily steps through increased walking.

As well as downloading an app or enrolling in virtual classes in your area, consider packing light equipment such as stretch bands or travel yoga mats when planning to bring them with you. Or integrate basic bodyweight exercises like lunges and push-ups into your daily routine without visiting a gym – for instance lunges and push-ups into your routine may work better!

2. Try a Yoga Class

People tend to associate yoga with images on Instagram showing yogis wearing designer leggings twisting and balancing in poses that appear to defy gravity, yet the practice goes much deeper than just being an exercise regimen; yoga has long been practiced as part of spiritual practices as well as offering numerous health benefits.

No matter your level of experience with yoga, incorporating it into your travel routine should be straightforward. No special equipment is needed – simply grab a mat from your hotel, local park or even your room and get moving!

Travel + Leisure spoke with Fritz Lanman, CEO of ClassPass, about how he stays active while on the move and gained some tips for including physical exercise into any vacation itinerary. Our conversation shed light on ways that staying fit on the road may not be as hard as you might expect!

3. Take a Hike

Hiking is an excellent way to turn any vacation into an exercise adventure and can even add social benefits! Take part with friends or family for added motivation!

Hiking is just one form of outdoor exercise; why not add kayaking along scenic coastlines or cross-country skiing into your itinerary? Or bring along workout equipment and conduct basic strength-training workouts right from your hotel room?

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is another excellent solution for travelers. Its simple design makes HIIT workouts perfect for minimalist travelers; additionally, they have positive crossover effects on both strength and mobility training – helping keep you in top condition on the road!

4. Try a Fitness Class

Group fitness classes provide an ideal way to connect with like-minded people while exercising with an instructor leading the way. A sense of community makes it easier to stay on your workout even when feeling worn-down by life’s stresses; group fitness classes provide that same sense of motivation that keeps us going even when we feel like giving up!

Scheduling platforms like ClassPass make it easy to locate studios in any of the cities you’re traveling to and sign up for classes that best suit your goals and fitness level. Plus, search by instructors or types of fitness disciplines available so that you get an idea of all that might be available during your visit.

Signing up before traveling makes it easy to locate an instructor and start sweating immediately upon arriving in a city; exercising won’t feel like just another chore on top of all the other obligations a business traveler already must manage.

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