What’s Your Word?

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January is the month where we make promises to ourselves, however by February they are often long forgotten. Despite my best intentions over the years, I have not always managed to follow through all of my resolutions. For the last decade, however, I have chosen a word to be my companion for the whole of that year and I love this process.

Just imagine…

A word greeting you every morning to set your intention for the day. 

An ally on your shoulder guiding you. 

A pebble in your pocket to hold on to. 

A whisper in your ear to support you. 

A presence to inspire you.

A friend by your side. 

I had the pleasure to journey with align, embrace, visibility, soar, balance, dare, connect, gentleness and presence. 

In 2024 the word which invited itself in my life is:


To me rise symbolises movement, embracing change and taking a new direction. After a year of reflecting, marinating, bouncing around, and back, and forth, I am ready to take ownership of my unavoidable mid-life changes and rise with them.

Resilience Inspiration Strength Empowerment

I am neither rising from the ashes, nor rising to the top, just rising in my self-leadership as a woman in her mid-life adventure. Throughout the year, my dear reader, I will share with you where this new word and direction take me. I will no doubt explore: change, purpose, perceptions on ageing, self-care tips, attention, body wisdom, relationships and much more, all of it wrapped in gentleness and humour.

Now, over to you.

Which word would you like to welcome in your life this year?

Here are some thoughts that might spark your inspiration:

Do you feel drawn to movement or stillness? 

Expression or reflection? 

Action or feeling?

What would you like more of in your life? Relationships? Work? Environment?

How do you want to express yourself and show up?

What do you want to feel in your body?

This month, I invite you to be open and curious. Let YOUR word reveal itself to you, and dare to be the change you want to see in your family, community and life!

Words: Mathilde Barbier

If you’ve reached that phase in life where:

Your thermostat is more unpredictable than the weather, 

Your brain as foggy as the South Downs on a winter morning, and

Your mood swings are more vertiginous than the pendulum ride on the Brighton Pier!

Just know that mid-life doesn’t have to be wild and mad! Gentleness can hide in our biggest challenges. Call or email me to chat about how I can help you navigate this empowering life stage. Let’s connect! 07947 319 362 – mathilde[@]daretobethechange.today

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