Cleanse and Hydrate your Face Naturally

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Recipes for a facial cleanser, face mask, toner, facial spray, and sunscreen.

January is a good time to take a look at your skincare routine to see if it still works for your skin. If you want to make some changes, try something different, or have always wanted to try to make your own all-natural skincare routine, I have a facial cleanser, mask, toner, facial spray and sunscreen recipe for you to try. If you enjoy these and want some more ideas, check out my winter skincare challenge.

Honey Facial Cleanser


1/3 cup honey.

1/3 cup liquid castile soap.

3 tablespoons distilled water.

2 tablespoons of your favorite oil.


In a soap dispenser, first add the water, then the liquid castile soap, honey, and oil. Put the top on and shake until the honey is fully dissolved.

You may use your cleanser right away, or store in a cool place to use later. Store the honey soap for up to a month. It’s important to use distilled water because tap water will quickly grow mold and bacteria within a few days.

Chocolate Face mask with cocoa powder and heavy cream For all skin types

1 tablespoon cocoa powder (unsweetened)

1 tablespoon heavy cream

Do this twice a week.

Aloe Toner

1/2 cup rose water.

1/2 cup aloe vera.

Mix together thoroughly, pour into a spray bottle or pump, then apply to your clean, dry skin.

Green tea facial spray


Spray bottle

Green tea

1 teaspoon Aloe vera

A few drops of Vitamin E

Optional ingredients:

Dry or Mature Skin: ½ teaspoon of glycerin, rosehip, argan, jojoba, or avocado oil.

Sensitive or Dry Skin: Rosewater

Oily Skin: 1 teaspoon of witch hazel 

Instructions: Brew a cup of green tea.  Let it cool and pour it into a 2 oz spray bottle.  Add in aloe, vitamin E, and any optional ingredients.  If you want to use rosewater, use half tea and half rosewater.

Zinc oxide sunscreen recipe

This is just one of many different recipes you could make with zinc oxide.  You could make an acne treatment, an eczema treatment or many others. You will need to apply this often if you use it for sunscreen and are outdoors for a long time.


½ cup shea butter

½ cup carrier oil – olive oil, avocado oil, fractionated coconut oil, and macadamia nut oil are good ones to use.

up to 1 tsp raspberry seed oil, carrot seed oil and vitamin E

10 drops essential oils

2 tablespoons non-nano zinc oxide

Directions: put shea butter in a large bowl and mix it until smooth. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix until smooth.  Put the mixture in a spray bottle or squirt bottle.  It will last about 6 months.

If you enjoy these recipes, take a look at my all-natural skincare challenge.

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