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Before reading further, I invite you to pause for a moment:

Take a deep breath, and briefly check your own personal battery

If you had an indicator of how charged your body-battery was, between 1-100% what would it display right now? 

Don’t over-think it, just make a mental note of the number that comes up

This is how you are feeling energy-wise right here, right now

We might be educated on the best way to take care of our phone, but how much attention do we give to our body and our own energy levels?

Are you aware of what depletes your body-battery?

When is your next inner-battery charging point? Is it tonight, this weekend, your next holiday perhaps?

What can you do to top up your energy throughout the day to a level that allows you to ‘function’ until you reach your next full charge? 

Our internal battery running low has all sort of effects on our physical, emotional, mental and energy levels which in turn drives our behaviour and how we deal with life’s everyday challenges.

When our levels are low, we are likely to experience tiredness, hyper-activity, anxiety or confusion. We might struggle with simple problem-solving and decision making processes. As patience is wearing thin, communication can get messy, impacting our relationships in the process.

As the new year begins, I invite you to bring a little bit more pause-itivity, self-care, and gentleness in your life and regularly take note of your inner battery level:

Pause and briefly pay attention to your body

Evaluate your battery level: 1 to 100%

Take one action that will increase that number if needed

Do this in the morning before stepping out of bed, after a long meeting, during a walk, while brushing your teeth, even when you reach out to recharge your phone

What action can you take in a few minutes to recharge your body battery?

Wishing you to bring to the new year what you would like the new year to bring to you, and that you dare to be the change you want to see in your family, community and life!

Gentle January

Gentleness can hide in our biggest challenges, and I will help you find it!

As a reader of Wellbeing East Sussex, you can “choose your own price” for a 1-1 session with me navigating uncertainty with pause-itivity, calm and gentleness for the whole month of January.

Get in touch, let’s have a chat first! 07947 319 362 – mathilde[@]

Because self-care is not selfish, explore Living Gently, No Matter What and Dare To Be The Change … 

Words: Mathilde Barbier“Helping women manage energy, emotions & tech to navigate life changes smoothly…”

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