Finding Individuals by First Name and City: A Comprehensive Guide

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To find someone with just a first name and city can be challenging, especially if the name is common or if the city has a large population. However, there are several methods you can try to narrow down your search. In this article, we will explore how you can narrow the search, including traditional means like Google search and modern means like reverse lookup and social media search, and find someone by first name and city

How to Find Someone with Just a First Name and City

Social Media Platforms

Utilize social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. To utilize social media platforms, you must input the person’s first name and the city. While social media is great, the results might be a lot, given that there will be many people bearing the name you are looking for who live within the address you inputted. Let’s explore social media methods. 


Facebook is the most probable choice for finding people with just a first name and address. Facebook’s search system is quite advanced, allowing you to input different parameters like first name, last name, city, school, and so on. With Facebook, you can streamline your search. It’s even more accurate if you have more information. However, users’ privacy settings limit Facebook’s search results. If a user has set his profile to “Private,” the profile will not show in a search result even if the user fits all the search parameters. 

Instagram and LinkedIn

Instagram does not offer an advanced search like Facebook, but it also has a comprehensive database of billions of users and can be helpful. If the person you are looking for is on Instagram, you can search for the name. Again, privacy settings apply here just as they do with Facebook. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is a platform for professionals. If the person you are finding is on LinkedIn, you should be able to find them with a first name and address. 

Talk to People in the Community Where the Person Stays

If you have an address and a first name, you can reach out to the people in the community where the address exists. You should be careful when doing this because people are usually weary of strangers who come around asking too many questions. 

Local Community Websites

Some local communities or neighborhood websites have directories or forums where residents may be listed or discussed. A may or may not have a community website. Search the community name online, and you may be lucky to find the website. Explore these platforms to see if you can find information about the person you’re looking for. Even if you do not find the person, you can find leaders in the community you can speak to. 

Public Records Search

Check public records, such as property records or voter registration databases, available through local government websites. You can also check court records for divorce information and house sale information. Depending on your willingness to find this person, you can widen your search as much as possible. 

Find Mutual Friends

Contact them for assistance if you know of any mutual connections or acquaintances. Mutual friends sometimes have details of people we have lost contact with. First name search with mutual friends is easy. This is because mutual friends probably know the person’s last name and other details. 

Professional Workplace

If you know what the person does, you can contact professional communities where the person may be a member. For example, accountants, lawyers, medical doctors, plumbers, and so on have professional associations. Check for local associations since you have an address. For example, suppose the person you are looking for is a medical doctor in San Jose. In that case, you can check online if there is a professional association of medical doctors in San Jose. People search by a first name and city can be challenging even if the person is a part of a professional organization. This is because there might be other people who use the first name. If you can access the member list, you can check through the gallery to find a picture of the person. 

Contact Local Authorities

If the search is urgent or you fear the person might be in danger, you can contact the police and other local authorities. Local authorities have the tools and access that the average person needs to gain. They can help you to find people by a first name, improving the chances of finding this person.

Use Reverse Lookup Tools

Reverse lookup tools like Spokeo, Intelius, and Radaris are excellent and affordable ways to find someone without a last name. These tools are inexpensive and have extensive databases beyond social media and online reach. You can find information on reverse lookup tools you would not see using an online search. 


As we have explored how to find someone with just a first name and city, it’s essential to understand the privacy limitations of your search. For example, it’s against the law to find someone who has a restraining order against you or find a celebrity crush. There are legal consequences to breaking the privacy firewalls set up by individuals. If a person does not want to be found, sometimes it is better to let them be. If your search is legal or stems from worry, you can use the processes listed above. If everything else fails, use a private investigator or local police. 

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