How to change your life one small step at a time.

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As the visionary behind Wellbeing Magazine, a venture I embarked on over 17 years ago, I am deeply grateful to have witnessed the evolution of the health and wellness landscape. In the early days, as I personally delivered magazines to homes in and around Tunbridge Wells, some perceived me as either a hippie or a witch!

Reflecting on this transformative journey, I am struck by the myriad of incredible individuals, therapies, products, and books I have encountered. Amidst these discoveries, one practice, in particular, has been my steadfast companion through life’s highs and lows—Kaizen.

Inspired by the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement, Kaizen advocates for making small, incremental changes that accumulate into substantial, lasting results. When applied to your health and home life, this principle can pave the way for elevated wellbeing, increased happiness, and a more harmonious living environment.

Say no to New Years Resolutions

Unlike the tradition of setting New Year Resolutions, a practice I’ve never fully embraced, I prefer to spend New Year’s day reflecting on my journey, celebrating achievements, and embarking on a new quest for a better and improved year through the incorporation of small daily changes. Instead of hastily setting lofty goals in January, I recognise that life and routine can quickly intervene, hindering the establishment of new habits. Therefore, I invite you to join me this year as I share a series of daily tasks that have guided me over the past 17 years to change your life.

These tasks may appear modest and inconspicuous at first, but as you integrate them into your daily routine over 365 days, you’ll likely be astonished by the significant strides you make toward a healthier and happier version of yourself. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, embracing the power of small, consistent changes for a brighter and more fulfilling future.

Try our 21 day challenge

As we celebrate the 17th anniversary of our commitment to personal growth and wellbeing, what better way to embark on a transformative journey than by embracing the principles of Kaizen over the next 21 days? As Kaizen encourages small, incremental changes to yield significant, long-term results to change you life and science shows that is takes 21 days to form a habit, I invite you to apply this principle to your health and home life over the next 21 days. It can pave the way for enhanced well-being, increased happiness, and a more harmonious living environment.

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