REDDI: A Dating App Revolutionising Brain Chemistry for Healthier Relationships

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An innovative matchmaking and dating app is not your typical platform. REDDI is on a mission to transform your brain chemistry and reshape the dating landscape. Unlike conventional dating apps that often lead to addiction and dissatisfaction, REDDI aims to provide a mindful and intentional approach to dating.

London-based Stacy Thomson is the founder of the world’s first global matchmaking open network, REDDI. Her app is revolutionising the way individuals connect and build relationships on a global scale. Meeting online has become the most popular way couples meet, reports a Stanford University study  published in 2019.

In 2022, over 366 million individuals sought love through online dating services, and this number is expected to rise to 440 million by 2027.

Traditional dating apps have created a cycle of addiction, fuelled by an abundance of choices that leave users fatigued and unfulfilled. The pleasure receptor in the brain, responsible for dopamine release, lacks an inhibitor. The more stimuli it receives, the more it craves, leading to a chronic sense of dissatisfaction.

This phenomenon extends beyond dating apps and permeates various aspects of our lives. Consumerism and the economy exploit this vulnerability, employing behavioural scientists to manipulate pleasure receptors for profit. Unfortunately, this pervasive trend is not only impacting individuals but has the potential to harm relationships and, over time, the fabric of human connection.

REDDI was founded by mental health practitioner, Stacy Thomson, driven by genuine concerns rooted in scientific understanding. The app seeks to address the unsustainable levels of dopamine stimulation prevalent in today’s dating culture. Recognising the detrimental impact on mental health and relationships, REDDI is committed to fostering change.

As a user, joining REDDI means embracing a different approach to dating. The app aims to educate its community on the concept of “slow dating with intention,” challenging the notion that more is always better. This approach acknowledges the discomfort of increasing distress tolerance and standing against the automatic, short-term gratification sought by the brain’s pleasure receptor.

REDDI acknowledges the initial challenges of adopting a “less is more” mentality. The app is dedicated to supporting its community in navigating this shift and empowering users to take back control over their relationships. By intentionally slowing down the dating process, REDDI believes it is possible to build healthier, more fulfilling connections that withstand the test of time.

Stacy Thomson, Founder of REDDI

“We are not beyond the point of no return,” says Stacy Thomson, Founder of REDDI. “We cannot allow chronic dissatisfaction to become the norm. REDDI is here to guide you through a transformative journey towards intentional and fulfilling relationships.”

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