A Culinary Delight with Grubby Meal Kits

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A Review of the Lentil, Beet, and Fennel Salad, and Miso Aubergine with Sticky Rice

As a busy professional constantly seeking convenient yet wholesome meal solutions, I recently had the pleasure of trying out Grubby Meal Kits, and I must say, the experience was nothing short of exceptional. Grubby’s commitment to minimising food waste through pre-portioned ingredients and their innovative recipe cards truly set them apart.

Last week, after a particularly exhausting day at work, I eagerly unpacked my first delivery from Grubby Meal Kits, which promised not only convenience but also a culinary adventure. The two recipes I opted for were the Lentil, Beet, and Fennel Salad and the Miso Aubergine with Sticky Rice.

The Grubby Meal Kit experience

The Grubby experience begins with the thoughtfully designed recipe cards that accompany each meal box. Clear, concise, and easy to follow, these cards provide not only step-by-step instructions but also valuable nutritional information. What truly impressed me were the included QR codes, seamlessly integrating technology into the cooking process.

One QR code led me directly to the recipe, ensuring I had a handy guide at my fingertips throughout the cooking journey. The second code, however, was a delightful surprise – a curated Spotify playlist to accompany the cooking process. The music choices were spot-on, enhancing the overall experience and turning meal preparation into a joyful ritual.

Now, onto the recipes themselves. The Lentil, Beet, and Fennel Salad were a refreshing symphony of flavors. The pre-portioned ingredients not only simplified the cooking process but also eliminated any concerns about excess food waste. The combination of lentils, beets, and fennel created a wholesome and satisfying dish that left me feeling nourished and energized. There was even enough left over to take to the office for lunch the next day!

The Miso Aubergine with Sticky Rice was a revelation for someone like me, who isn’t typically a fan of aubergine. Grubby’s recipe transformed this humble vegetable into a culinary masterpiece. The miso glaze added depth and umami, while the perfectly cooked sticky rice complemented the dish beautifully. This recipe has undoubtedly earned a spot in my repertoire of favorites.

In conclusion, Grubby Meal Kits exceeded my expectations, offering a perfect solution for those seeking convenience without compromising on taste and nutrition. The innovative use of QR codes and the thoughtful curation of Spotify playlists added an extra layer of enjoyment to the cooking process. I am eagerly looking forward to exploring more Grubby recipes and sharing my culinary adventures on our website. Grubby Meal Kits have truly made a convert out of this busy professional, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a delicious and hassle-free cooking experience.


NB: The review is an honest opinion. The recipes ingredients were sent for a tried and tested review article and I was not paid to write this article.

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