Davinia Taylor’s Willpowders Launch Revolutionary Bioavailable Protein Powder

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Willpowders is thrilled to introduce its groundbreaking bioavailable protein powder, setting a new standard in the realm of nutritional supplements. 

With a minimalist composition of only six ingredients, this pioneering product combines Willpowders’ signature MCT keto powder with the nutritional richness of ancient nutrition bone broth.

At the forefront of the market, Davinia Taylor’s Willpowders unveils an all-natural solution crafted to combat cravings and amplify the benefits of a ketogenic diet. 

The protein powder, sourced from the pristine landscapes of Scandinavia, home to the highest quality grass-fed cows and the addition of Willpowders’ best-selling MCT Keto creamer elevates its appeal, offering a velvety creaminess while supporting stable blood sugar levels. 

Experience a nutritional journey devoid of insulin spikes, rollercoaster cravings, and bloating – just pure and effective nourishment.

Delivering essential nutrients to cells, this protein powder crushes cravings this festive season while simultaneously promoting gut health and enhancing bone density. 

Protein, a vital macronutrient, plays a pivotal role in maintaining optimal bodily functions by aiding in muscle growth and repair. Additionally, protein contributes to supporting a healthy metabolism, immune system, and hormonal balance.

Explaining the concept of bioavailability, Willpowders underscores its importance as a metric signifying effective nutrient content. The evaluation of a protein source’s nutritional value hinges on the body’s ability to digest and recognise individual amino acids for future utility.

Davinia Taylor, the visionary driving Willpowders said: “I was fed up with the misleading marketing around protein and the junk food ingredients in it which have littered the industry. 

“Most cause bloating and wind and trigger cravings for more sugar! Ours does the opposite. It actually delivers nutrients into the cells and crushes cravings which tastes like high street milk and white chocolate…not at all worthy. Just utterly too good to be true!”

Willpowders reiterates its commitment to providing a revolutionary and effective solution for nutritional well-being. Davinia emphasises, “Our protein powder is distinct in the market, incorporating bone broth and MCT Keto Creamer.

“It’s free from GMOs, pesticides, artificial sweeteners, additives, and preservatives – ensuring it won’t cause bloating or disrupt your hormone balance. With 100% traceability and sustainability, our protein powder stabilises blood sugar levels, boasts a complete amino acid profile, and is a delectable treat that even your kids will love.”

Crush the cravings for sweet treats this festive season while boosting gut health and bone density. Available at www.willpowders.com in luxurious vanilla and chocolate flavours. £28 for 300g. 

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