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Would you like to live a long, healthy, active life? Would you like to protect yourself from most chronic diseases? Would you like to have more energy and vitality? Would you like to boost your immune system with lifestyle changes? Would you like to take more control of your own health with less medication or reverse chronic diseases if it were possible? Then this talk is for you!

Your Own NHS – Natural Health Service

During this one-hour presentation I will give you the tools to improve your health without more medicine, which in turn will take some of the pressure of our already overburdened NHS.

If you suffer from any of the following conditions you will learn how to take better control over them and usually reduce the need for medication:



Heart Disease


Sleep Apnoea

Panic Attacks



Poor sleep

Or you may just want to be healthier with more energy

You will discover the vital link between your diet, your breathing, your body structure, your mind and your health and wellbeing.

You will have free access to the basic training material to improve your breathing, your diet and other lifestyle factors with free podcasts, free e-books and summary notes to get you started.

You and I Can Help Our Broken NHS Recover!

It is good to take personal control over our own health and reduce reliance on drug support wherever it is safe and appropriate.

Medicine is still taught and practiced based on Newtonian thinking and has not embraced the 21st Century Physics of Quantum Mechanics! Since the discovery of Genes most research has been dominated by the belief that we are the victims or benefactors of the genes we inherit. The truth is our health and life outcomes are not governed by our genes but by our environment and beliefs! (Dr. Bruce H Lipton Ph.D.)

Entry is free but donations are welcomed if you feel you have gained from this talk.

Fifty percent of the proceeds will go to “Ahead of The Game Foundation” (a brain tumour research group, Charity No. 1200982) Want to know more?

If you can’t attend, you may like to watch this video summary on YouTube.

For more information please contact me at lingard [@]

Words: Michael Lingard BSc.(Econ.) Hons. DO BBEA Cert.PBNut (e-Cornell University)

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