Change guru Kirsty Maynor releases debut book Untangled  to help ‘unravel the knots of change’

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World renowned change guru Kirsty Maynor has released her debut book, Untangled: A Practical and Inspirational Guide to Change We Choose and Change We Don’t

Written over a four-year period, Untangled offers a practical approach to navigating change as part of everyday life. Using stories of personal experience and professional expertise, Kirsty Maynor busts the common myths about handling change and provides tools to help readers to unravel the knots of change for themselves.Through those stories and tools, Untangled inspires readers to embrace change as a catalyst for growth and transformation, and to build resilience in the face of life’s challenges.

Navigating change has been part of Kirsty Maynor’s professional and personal life for more than three decades. An internationally sought-after change strategist, leadership consultant and elite accredited executive coach, Kirsty has traversed some of life’s most difficult transitions including redundancy, death, divorce and solo parenting, bringing all of this experience to bear in her debut self-help book. 

Earlier this year, Kirsty became the first Scottish member of the International Transformational Leadership Council, established for, “leaders of personal and organizational transformation [to] support each other in their contributions to the world.” The council was founded by Jack Canfield, fellow change specialist and bestselling author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul franchise. 

Untangled is published by Troubadour and available at RRP £14.99 from bookstores across the UK and online worldwide, with pre-orders already hitting the top 10 on Amazon’s new releases bestseller list.

Kirsty Maynor, Untangled author and CEO of The Firefly Group says, “Untangled brings together my three decades of experience in helping organisations and individuals to understand and live through change. By drawing upon that experience, alongside my own experiences of navigating change, I provide a collection of relatable stories and practical tools, which can help readers live better through change in their lives. From parenting and relationships, through to job changes and relocation, most of us are faced with major change in our lives at some point. Sometimes it is wanted and other times it comes unexpectedly. What most people don’t realise is that there are tools to help you handle that change and make the most of it for a more fulfilling and happier life.”  

Jack Canfield, New York Times bestselling author says, “Untangled breaks down, with expert insight, the often daunting change we face at work and home. We all have changes we can make to improve our lives, and we constantly need to adapt to unexpected circumstances. Untangled is a vital read for anyone holding back from important change or wanting support for the curve-balls life throws at us.” 

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