Pour Decisions: Alcohol Dependency Takes a Toll on Business Owners’ Self-Driven Success 

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One Year No Beer Launches Groundbreaking ‘Complete Control’ Coaching Program to Tackle Compulsive Behaviours Amid Rising Stress in UK Professionals

Social movement platform, One Year No Beer, announces a new coaching program designed to help build mental control and unlock the barriers towards self-driven success. The science-backed program, Complete Control, has been developed to help business professionals who are dealing with emotions such as high levels of stress and burnout through running a business. When these emotions trigger compulsive behaviours –  such as excessive drinking or gambling – Complete Control can be used to help individuals gain back control of their lives. 

According to recent research, 1 in every 50 people suffers from compulsive behaviours at some point in their lives* (men and women equally**), for a number of reasons including stress and anxiety. That adds up to over 1 million people in the UK, and with 5.5 million*** private businesses in the UK, a significant proportion of entrepreneurs and high level executives could be turning to the likes of alcohol to self-medicate from the effects of excessive stress and anxiety. 

In particular, a study conducted by the University of San Francisco found almost half**** of entrepreneurs have experienced at least one form of mental health condition and were three times more likely to suffer from substance abuse. 

One Year No Beer Founder and CEO, Ruari Fairbairns, whose platform has helped over 100,000 people across 138 countries to transform their relationship with alcohol over the last eight years, highlights how recognising these symptoms is key to realising help is needed. 

“By understanding and addressing the triggers that lead to compulsive behaviour, we empower people to take control of their relationship with alcohol, unlocking a path to a healthier and more fulfilling life. Our global community stands testament to the incredible strength that emerges when we embrace change and support one another on this transformative journey.

“The term ‘wine o’clock’ in high-pressure office culture is masking a subconscious reliance on drinking to get through a stressful working day, making alcohol a reward. Alcohol is then a trigger and seen as a good solution for stress management; society almost encourages it with colloquial phrases that promote drinking as the go-to way to ease stress.

“Back in the day, I didn’t think twice about drinking every night. It wasn’t about willpower or motivation—I thought I had loads, and was just rewarding myself with a nice bottle of wine. But I soon realised that the ‘Wine O’Clock’ reward was actually a plaster for something deeper. I was in a vicious cycle of compulsively reaching for the alcohol, which everyone around me saw as acceptable because I had experienced a ‘stressful day’”. 

The science behind the program

Ruari Fairbairns continues: “A vital part of Complete Control is working to identify and deal with particular stress and anxiety triggers that are driving each person into their compulsive behaviour. Using a combination of education, individual and group coaching, bio-hacking, hypnosis and wearable technology, the program focuses on the twelve core drivers of compulsive behaviour






Mental health


Meaning and purpose

Emotional regulation



Finding calm  

Based around the BioPsychoSocial Therapeutic Model (biological, psychological/behavioural and social/spiritual elements), Complete Control is founded on cutting-edge science from institutions including Medical Research Council, London and respected addiction and behaviour change leaders. In eight weeks, each member will go through their own process of awareness, uncovering the reasons behind their behaviour, and encouraging a shift in mindset. They then go on to build a comprehensive personalised toolkit of techniques and strategies to take them forward to a place where they’re thriving, instead of just surviving and masking a dependency on alcohol to get through a working day.

Besides OYNB founder Ruari, Complete Control has a team of coaching and hypnotherapy experts, including Jen Fairbairns, program co-creator and Lead Coach. Jen said: “Our mission was to merge cutting-edge research with practical strategies, offering a holistic approach to transforming lives. We understand the complex interplay of biological, psychological, and social factors that contributes to alcohol dependency. Through rigorous study and innovation, we’ve developed a program that empowers people with the knowledge and tools they need to regain control. It’s not about abstaining from alcohol; it’s about rewriting the narrative of one’s life. We’re proud that between Complete Control and our alcohol-free challenges, OYNB has impacted over 100,000 lives worldwide, fostering lasting change and a renewed sense of control.”

Complete Control is here to help people understand the reasons why they turn to unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol to get through tough times at work. A vital part of the programme is dealing with what drives compulsive behaviours – the OYNB position is that taking a break from alcohol doesn’t mean that you have fundamentally changed your relationship with it. Complete Control is designed to help business owners, leaders and high performers regain control of their habits and achieve a ‘take it or leave it’ attitude towards alcohol. 

“Running a business is stressful every day. Add to this an underlying mental health condition, and it’s a double whammy. You don’t get rid of or even mask a condition through alcohol or any other addiction, you only exacerbate it,” advises Jen. “Alcohol often serves as a coping mechanism for immediate issues like stress and poor sleep. Complete Control is designed to address deeper underlying psychological problems, which then leads to members building their own foundational habits for better health, wellbeing and resilience.” 

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