SRSLY Low Carb Gives Spaghetti Bolognese A health Spin

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With a recent food survey suggesting that spag bog has now usurped pizza, fish & chips and homemade curry to become the nation’s 2nd favourite meal (behind the timeless roast dinner), it was all too clear that SRSLY Low Carb would be burning the midnight oil to add a mouth-watering vegan Spaghetti Bolognese to its guilt-free ready meal range.

Once again, the primary remit of this classic family feast reincarnation was to include a significant low carb twist, banishing any excess sugar to rethink a timeless classic that boasts only 17.9g of carbs Vs the 50-60g you’d expect from with a similar-sized portion of traditional spag bog.

‘Everyone accepts that today ready meals are a mainstay of today’s hectic life schedules,’ explains, SRSLY founder, Andy Welch. ‘We saw another well-timed opportunity for konjac-based noodles with their impressive low glycemic index to come to the fore and displace wheat-based spaghetti that is awash with needless carbs and calories.  We believe that great food comes in many guises, including a thoughtfully balanced ready meal, which if well executed can offer quick turnaround sustenance and a masterclass in mindful eating versus lazy calories and unwelcome meal guilt.’

Konjac noodles made from the root of the konjac yam plant continue to make a name for themselves in health-conscious Asian cuisine, largely on account of their proud low calorie/gluten-free credentials. Inevitably a growing hunger for sharing World Cuisine wisdom has triggered a growing presence within healthier eating circles.

‘Nothing stands still in today’s constantly evolving food theatre,’ concludes Andy, ‘I mean swapping out spaghetti is hardly a big deal because even in traditional Italian cuisine it had no real relevance because tagliatelle was the authentic pasta of choice.’

The last few months have seen SRSLY Low Carb working all hours to fine-tune their latest wholesome twist on a fulsome Winter Warmer so it was ready in December to provide nourishing piping hot comfort food throughout the cold, dark months that lie ahead.

£5.99 (370g serving)

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