Why Do “I Hate Being An Introvert”: Living Life As An Introvert

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Living life as an introvert is extremely challenging. When I had to move to a different city for a new job, I couldn’t take up the anxiety or depression associated with relocation. Similarly, I know a few of my friends who are living life as an introvert. We introverts might not say it directly, but some situations make us feel “I hate being an introvert.”

Because in my experience, introverted people are more complex and deeper as they look. Just because our approach, personality, and interests are different, it does not mean we can’t socialize.

Later I understood that if you hate being an introvert, you must not feel it or say it, because there are a lot of misconceptions associated with being an introvert.

In this blog, we will be highlighting some misconceptions that make us feel “I hate being an introvert.” So, let’s get started.

Who are Introverts?

A lot of people have a lot of misconceptions about “Who is an introvert?” Some people believe that they can’t be friends with anyone because they are not able to express themselves.

Well, that’s not the case, let me clear some misconceptions. The fact is that introverts can be good friends because they are good listeners, empathetic, and kind. They are sensible people who understand emotions and feelings deeply.

If you are an introvert or if you’re friends with an introvert, you must know that they can excel socially even if they want to, it’s all about with whom they are surrounded or who brings out the best version of them.

A lot of introverts can adapt socially really well, it’s just they are well aware of their limits and try to maintain their social batteries for a shorter time as compared to extroverts. Introverts are not different; it’s just they function differently from extroverts.

Why do you feel like “I hate being an Introvert?”

Now that we have understood who are introverts, they sometimes end up feeling “I hate being an introvert.” Ever wondered why, well it can happen due to the following reasons:

1. You’re surrounded by overly extroverted or introverted friends.

It might be a case that you have surrounded yourself with overly introverted or overly extroverted friends. Psychology says that it’s important to maintain a balance when it comes to friendships, an overly extrovert or introvert friend might make you feel low. The reason behind this situation is quite understandable and if that’s the case, acknowledge it and learn to maintain a balance.

2. You are lacking emotional connections.

Sometimes, we introverts don’t say, but we also need to hang out or connect with people emotionally. If you’re not able to form emotional connections, you might get easily tired of people and end up going home every time you go to meet someone.

Such situations commonly result in “I hate being an introvert.” This is a harsh truth to accept but we can really work on this situation. Scroll to the next section to know what to do when you feel like “I hate being an introvert.”

3. You are in dire need of a healthy social life.

There are some possible situations as well when we want to connect but our social batteries won’t allow us to do so or our inner-criticism starts playing the role of a vampire whenever you go out to meet your friends. Then, we always end up blaming our introversion.

4. You don’t want to socialize anymore.

In some situations, we blame our introvert-ness so much that we don’t want to socialize anymore! We start believing that socializing is an introvert’s game and isolate ourselves socially which results in negative thinking, depression, or chronic depression. The fact is that anyone can socialize and socializing is not only for extroverts, introverts can learn to maintain the right balance too.

5. You’ve been negatively criticized by people.

All introverts have faced a situation wherein they were called out for being introverts. A lot of people ask Introverts various questions about their personality and intentionally or unintentionally introverts are criticised for making their choices. Sometimes, people just don’t understand what introvert-ness is and keep on making judgments around it which makes us explain why we often feel like “we hate being an introvert.”

6. You might be overthinking.

As an introvert, we often struggle with a mental health issue referred to as overthinking. When we start spending our time analyzing our thoughts, it can make us even more anxious. Therefore, if you’re an introvert with an overthinking habit, start being self-aware of your thoughts.

7. You might be overstimulated due to Favors.

It’s a fact that people who are more outgoing, extroverted, or talkative are often treated as ideal. For introverted people, it can be difficult to go through this because they are more intelligent, smart, and sensitive type of people with less social skills which reduces the chances of Favors in a social or workplace setting.

8. You might be misunderstood by people.

Sometimes, extrovert people are considered to be superior and introverts are considered to be more reserved, which makes us feel bad and we end up feeling, ‘I hate being an introvert.’ Just because we prefer low-key connections, we are often misunderstood by people.

9. You might be dealing with social anxiety.

Some people believe that if they are socially anxious, they might have an introverted personality, however, the cases are different. Social anxiety is more than just being anxious about being present in a social situation.

If you think you or your loved one might be experiencing the symptoms of social anxiety or any other mental health condition related to social life, isolation, or introversion, you must connect with a registered mental health professional for a proper diagnosis.

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What do you do when you feel like “I hate being an Introvert?”

1. Define “introvert” on the basis of your strengths.

Whatever the definition of introvert is, make “you do you” your mantra and define your personality on your own terms, strengths, or traits. Don’t allow anyone to define you, for example, if you’re an introvert and can excel in social skills in some situations, define everything on your own terms.

2. Socialize the way you want to.

One of the best things to avoid the “I hate being an introvert” feeling is to socialize according to your own terms, preferences, and suitability of people. don’t let others force you for the things you’re not ready for. Try to build your own group wherein you can feel space and understood. The idea is to never let someone force you for things you don’t want to do.

3. Surround yourself with people who support you.

It’s a fact that positive people bring positive vibes. Therefore, surround yourself with positive people. Build a group or friends group that brings the best out of you or encourages you to do better in life. avoid people who misinterpret or misjudge you.

4. Polish your personality instead of changing your personality.

Some people believe that being an introvert is a bad thing. No, it’s not, just take a look at the advantages of being an introvert and then decide. People will recommend you to change your personality, instead, work on polishing your personality. Work on your weaknesses and convert them into strengths.

5. Connect with other introverts.

One of the best ways to feel “I hate being an introvert” is to connect with other introverts and observe them. If they’re stuck on some mental health issue, support them and similarly seek their support as well. In this way, you’ll be able to spread more awareness related to being an introvert.

6. Practice self-love and self-care to keep your mental health intact.

Make self-love and self-care a regular practice, “you do you”, focus on your strengths, and live life on your own terms to keep your mental health intact.

7. Welcome people and opportunities.

Sometimes, we close the door to people or opportunities because of our own issues or self-criticism. In such cases, allow yourself to open more towards people and opportunities. Learn lessons, welcome positive people, and seek opportunities that might benefit you professionally or personally.

Living Life as An Introvert: Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s For Introverts
Don’t For Introverts

Always schedule your calendar according to your choices to avoid being isolated or overly surrounded by people.
Never over-indulge yourself in situations wherein you can’t control unhealthy emotions such as isolation, rumination, or depression.

Learn to say “no” and “yes” appropriately according to the situation. Additionally, learned to recognize the difference between these two.
Never be the last-time informer, if you can’t make it inform it prior. Don’t give your introvert-ness a bad reputation

Learn to handle criticism and pressure to come out of your comfort zone.
Don’t throw away people, connections, or values due to your introvert-ness. Try valuing the connections that mean the most to you.

Always offer your extended support to people to make your life easy and radiate kindness.
Don’t make your friends do all the hard work for you, try to come out of your comfort zone.

Rather than scrolling mindlessly on social media, try to connect with people directly, or you can also begin small by making simple phone calls.
Never rely on others, instead try to maintain your interest by surrounding yourself with extroverted friends.

Learn to pick up the calls and answer them accordingly. Know your friends and make them understand your situation.
Never allow others to criticize you or judge on the basis of your personality, instead ask them to judge on the basis of your strengths or talents.

I hope this blog helps you understand why you hate being an introvert, the reasons behind it, and why you must not do it regularly. Comment down and share your views on the same. for more such content, connect with us through all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

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